क्यों चल रहा है DogeCoin Trending में | Why Elon Musk is Trending? | Dogecoin explained in Hindi

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Dogecoin : Doge Coin is trending these days, and all credit goes to Elon Musk and Reddit Users. Why and how these people making their mark on making stocks popular.

Doge Coin, now, is one of the cryptocurrencies that most high-profile personalities talking about. Why it got so much attention, all of a sudden? Why the price of Dodge coin is spiking?

From Elon Musk to Lol Yatchy, around the globe, everyone is tweeting about that.

Do you know the reason behind Dogecoin’s 800% hike in a day??

Common then, let’s watch it:

0:16 – What is Doge Coin? Why its price rising? What are the reasons?
0:46 – Doge Coin Story.
1:47 – Total Market Value in 2017
2:06 – Reasons behind its increase in activity
3:12 – What are WallStreetBets & SatoshiStreetBets
3:41 – Why people are investing in DogeCoin
4:54 – Doge Coin Scams
5:09 – Problems with Doge Coin
5:50 – Summary

We have explained bitcoin in detail in previous video.
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▶ Coinbase Website: Coinbase.com
▶ CEX Website: cex.io

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