Crypto Custody Firm Ledger Expands Institutional Footprint in Switzerland and UK

CryptoX – Cryptocurrency Analysis and News Portal “If you think about the technology companies that are offering custody technology, most of LedgerVault’s competitors are in Switzerland,” said Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier in an interview. “If you look at Swiss banks, they understand custody and cybersecurity better than your average financial institution, and Switzerland is very advanced compared to other places.” Source The post Crypto Custody Firm Ledger Expands Institutional Footprint in Switzerland and UK appeared first on CryptoX. CryptoX Portal

UK Regtech Firm ComplyAdvantage Adds Elliptic to Its Crypto Compliance Suite

“What we already provide for some of the larger crypto exchanges is the behavioral side. So looking at when Entity A sends money to Entity B via Entity C,” Dickinson explained in an interview. “Elliptic then gives us the ability to say this entity, if you follow up or down the chain, is linked to a darkweb pool somewhere, or a less-than-reputable exchange elsewhere.” Source

Mining Firm Titan Introduces Lumerin, a Project Aiming to Commodify Bitcoin’s Hashpower – Mining Bitcoin News

On October 21, the bitcoin mining pool operator Titan revealed a new decentralized hashpower routing protocol called Lumerin. The open-source project aims to commodify bitcoin’s hashpower “through smart contracts, making hashpower tradable.” Bloq’s Mining Arm Titan Announces the Lumerin Protocol The bitcoin mining operation Titan, a subsidiary of the company Bloq Inc., has announced its decentralized hashpower routing protocol, “Lumerin.” Titan says that bitcoin mining companies “tend to be concentrated in regions that offer cheap electricity, favorable regulation, and stable infrastructure” and it aims to solve centralization via software. The…

Medical Firm In Mexico To Introduce COVID-19 Testing Through Blockchain

Blockchain technology remains the revolutionary aspect of cryptocurrency and the entire digital assets as a whole. It brought more innovations and popularity to the industry, which have attracted more users and developers. The use of blockchain technology is erupting within several mainstreams and sectors of the global economy. Recently, this amazing technology has found a useful application in the medical field. A Mexican medical firm, MDS, has launched a coronavirus testing service that utilizes blockchain technology to confirm its results. A local media report, iProUP news reported that MDS Mexico…

Blockchain Firm Chainalysis Is Adding Bitcoin To Its Balance Sheet

Chainalysis has announced that it plans to add bitcoin to its balance sheet. The news came as a surprise to crypto investors as it is usually expected that a firm so deeply ingrained in the blockchain technology ecosystem would own some crypto. According to the blog post on its website, the firm had previously not owned any cryptocurrencies and this will be the first time Chainalysis is purchasing BTC. Bitcoin has been purchased as an investment strategy by companies who are in and out of the blockchain space. The digital…