Ethereum price at $1.4K was a bargain, and a rally toward $2K looks like the next step

Ether’s (ETH) price reached $1,400 on March 10, which proved to be a bargain as the cryptocurrency rallied 27.1% until March 21. However, the three reasons that supported the price gain, including correlation with tech stocks, its increasing total value locked and its deflationary token economics, all suggest that the path to $2,000 is set in stone.  There are numerous explanations for Ether’s 19.4% decline over the past six months. Ethereum’s Shanghai hard fork upgrade was delayed from March to early April and after Shanghai, Ethereum’s roadmap includes the “Surge” “Verge,”…

Ether Hits Two-Month Low Under $1.4K as Coinbase Premium Index Dwindles

The New York Attorney General’s decision to refer to ether as security in its lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin likely catalyzed the selling. If ether is deemed as a security and not a commodity, then the Securities and Exchange Commission may subject ether investors to stringent requirements regarding registration, disclosure and accreditation. Source