Tether Transaction Volume on Tron Blockchain Usurps That of Ethereum Blockchain

Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of Tron and BitTorrent, says that he expects the popularity of the USDT stablecoin to increase.

For the first time, the volume of Tether transactions on the Tron blockchain has surpassed that of Ethereum blockchain. This is according to available data on CoinMetrics.

According to the data, the total market cap of the Stablecoin on the Tron blockchain stood at $24 billion while that of Ethereum is at $23.4 billion. This spike in transaction volume was largely due to the record low fees of the Tron blockchains which differs greatly from that of Ethereum.

In recent times, the Ethereum blockchain has had to deal with high transaction fees which has pushed most traders away from its network. Developers of the second largest crypto asset by market cap have attempted to resolve this with the implementation of different EIPs in its forthcoming hard forks. However, the network is gradually losing its dominance to close competitors like Binance Smart Chain and the Tron blockchain.

Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of Tron and BitTorrent, says that he expects the popularity of the USDT stablecoin to increase with time, especially with the recent spike in the interest in cryptocurrencies. In his words “the popularity and adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to grow, we expect USDT to continue to explode in popularity.”

Per the press release, Sun also went on to express his optimism that Tron’s blockchain would be able to become the protocol of choice for market players. “By crossing this historic milestone, I can proudly say that Tron is well-positioned to become the global settlement layer and the blockchain protocol of the future,” he says.

Usually, most traders use the USDT stablecoin to lock their gains during tradings as it is less prone to the volatility of the market because it is pegged to the US Dollars. In previous times, traders had little to no option apart from the Ethereum blockchain, whose transaction fees, like we stated earlier were high.

But with the recent developments, the numbers of Tether transactions and the amount of the Stablecoin on the Tron Blockchain has been able to flip that of Ethereum.

Notably, USDT is also the most traded crypto asset in the world. The stablecoin beats its more illustrious counterparts like Bitcoin, Ethereum and even the recent darling of many crypto enthusiasts – Dogecoin. This is according to available data from CoinGecko.

Tether or USDT is a TRC-20 token designed to ease accessibility and trade within the decentralized market. Initially designed to maintain value with the dollar and bridge the crypto-fiat currency bridge, Tether suffered some minor setbacks after its launch.

A series of scandals rocked the company, dipping investors’ faith in the stable coin and dropping its value; after several court actions, Tether seems to be in the clear. Though it is still not exchangeable for real US dollars, the coin remains the premier trading currency against Bitcoin. With 57% of all BTC trading done in February in USDT, Tether represents a significant source of liquidity for the Blockchain market.

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