घर बैठे BITCOIN कैसे MINE करें | How is Bitcoin Mining Done At Home

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Hey guys, this is Gaurav and I’m back again with another interesting video, in this video, we are going to discuss some of the real aspects of cryptocurrency mining, like- How can you mine crypto in various ways that are both costly, yet economical? There are also some discussions about the world of cloud mining and how it is a revolutionary way of mining cryptos, without having to invest heavily into the process!! Simultaneously, we will also be addressing some of the pros and cons of crypto-mining; what their effects are… on us and the ecosystem; and also, a lot of similar questions! So, stay tuned to strengthen your stance on crypto-mining and how one can start with it as a career at home!!

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▶ Coinbase Website: Coinbase.com
▶ CEX Website: cex.io

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