Texas Bitcoin mining firm sues SEC for overreach on crypto

A Texas crypto firm and industry group sued the SEC, disputing its authority over exchange-traded crypto, aiming to classify them as non-securities. In a legal maneuver against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a Texas-based crypto mining firm called Lejilex and the Crypto Freedom Alliance of Texas (CFAT) initiated legal action, Reuters reports, citing the lawsuit. Both are challenging the SEC’s purported authority in the crypto domain, contending that the regulatory body lacks a definitive legal mandate. Lejilex aims to establish Legit.Exchange, a crypto trading platform, intending to list…

Is the DOE Crypto Mining Data Request an Opportunity for Energy Innovation or for Political Opportunists?

As someone who’s served at the Department of Energy (DOE), I believe the orders offer some key opportunities. While most of the mining community agrees the requests are politically motivated by certain members of Congress, the EIA statute directs agencies to pursue information gathering functions in support of requests from Congress, the DOE and others. Some of the questions are standard for the data gathering process and could help promote adoption of a much-needed uniform, consistent reporting framework for our burgeoning industry. Source

Sanctioned Bitcoin mining firm BitRiver to launch largest data center for AI in Russia

BitRiver, a Bitcoin mining company targeted by OFAC sanctions, is set to launch Russia’s largest data center for artificial intelligence (AI) in H2 2024. Bitriver-B, a subsidiary of BitRiver Group, is set to launch the largest data center for energy-intensive computations in Eurasia in the second half of 2024, Russia‘s government news agency Prime reports. The expected capacity of the data center is said to be 100 megawatts, as reported by Sergey Bezdelov, director of the Association of Industrial Mining. “This is the largest facility among all data centers in…

Bitcoin Mining Firms Terawulf and Cleanspark Ramp up Hashrates, Boost Financial Footing

This week witnessed significant expansions in the bitcoin mining sector, with two leading firms unveiling substantial increases in their operational hashrate. Terawulf disclosed that its self-mining business has escalated to 7.6 exahash per second (EH/s) this month. Concurrently, Cleanspark announced an enhancement in its fleet-wide operating hashrate, surpassing 14 EH/s. Terawulf Hashrate Reaches 7.6 EH/s […] Original

Bitcoin’s Latest Difficulty Retarget Jumps 8.24%: Miners Navigate the Toughest Mining Landscape Yet

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has hit an unprecedented peak, marking the most significant jump of 2024. On Thursday, at the milestone of block 830,592, the network experienced its fourth adjustment this year with a sharp 8.24% uptick. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Skyrockets, Setting New Records in 2024 Mining bitcoin (BTC) has become considerably more challenging, following an […] Original

Bitcoin Mining Company Phoenix Group Reports 50% Net Income Increase and 20% Sales Growth

After its oversubscribed initial public offering (IPO), Phoenix Group, a Dubai-based company specializing in bitcoin mining and blockchain infrastructure, has announced a significant 50% increase in net income. The firm further revealed a 20% increase in its annual sales compared to the previous year. Dubai Bitcoin Miner Phoenix Group Records Substantial Increase in Year-on-Year Sales […] Original

Bitcoin Mining Stocks Surge — Double-Digit Gains Highlight Rapid Growth in Digital Currency Sector

As bitcoin and the broader crypto market have surged, shares of publicly traded mining companies have seen substantial growth. Data shows that, in the last five days, stocks of many of these firms have experienced double-digit increases in value against the U.S. dollar. Publicly Traded Mining Companies See Major Uptick Publicly-listed firms linked to the […] Original

Ethiopia’s Affordable Hydropower and Adoption of Crypto Mining Attracts Chinese Bitcoin Miners

The Ethiopian state electricity company has reportedly signed power supply agreements with 21 mainly Chinese bitcoin miners. The African country’s pursuit of foreign exchange has seemingly taken precedence over the concerns often raised by climate change advocates. Ethiopia Set to Become the Preferred Destination for Chinese Bitcoin Miners Ethiopia’s state power company has entered into […] Original

Bitmain-backed Bitcoin mining firm BitFuFu eyes going public via SPAC deal

Crypto mining company BitFuFu plans to go public on the Nasdaq stock exchange via a SPAC deal with Arisz Acquisition Corp. According to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), BitFuFu plans to go public under the ticker symbol “FUFU” once the merger with Arisz Acquisition Corp is finalized. The merger is anticipated to receive approval from Arisz’s board by Feb. 24, the document reads. Following the merger, BitFuFu will issue a total of 150,000,000 ordinary shares to Arisz shareholders at $10 per share. According to the…