Bybit Integrates Apple Pay to Enhance Cryptocurrency Purchases

The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has integrated Apple Pay with its Bybit Card. This new feature promises a blend of security, convenience, and better pricing for users purchasing cryptocurrencies through the Bybit app or website. Access to 20+ Fiat Currencies According to the press release, this latest offering enables Bybit’s users to access over 20 fiat currencies to purchase digital assets with Apple Pay, reportedly with zero transaction fees until July 1, 2024, 10 AM UTC. This promotion aims to encourage users to easily buy cryptocurrencies with their preferred payment currency…

Electrocoin Launches Its New Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Electrocoin Trade

PRESS RELEASE. One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange services in Croatia, Electrocoin, has recently launched their new cryptocurrency exchange platform called Electrocoin Trade, providing services for natural and legal clients in the EU. The platform includes two core services – cryptocurrency exchange and trading service without prior registration to the platform, and cryptocurrency exchange and […] Source

Largest Bank in Brazil Itau Unibanco Opens Cryptocurrency Trading to All Users

Itau Unibanco, the largest bank in Brazil and all of Latam, has reported the availability of cryptocurrency trading services for all its users. Through Ion, the bank’s in-house investment platform, customers can purchase bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), a feature previously available to selected users. Brazilian Banking Giant Itau Unibanco Opens Cryptocurrency Trading Services for […] Source

Social Media Influencer Dan Bilzerian Contemplates Cryptocurrency Venture

In a recent social media post that garnered over a million views, Dan Bilzerian, the American poker player and businessman known for his high-stakes games and lifestyle brand Ignite International, expressed interest in creating his own cryptocurrency. Bilzerian, who has distanced himself from any existing cryptocurrencies using his name, hinted at the possibility of launching […] Source

Elliptic Study Finds AI-Enabled Crime in Cryptocurrency Remains in Early Stages

A new study has found that crimes enabled by artificial intelligence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are still in their nascent stages. Stakeholders can prevent these activities from becoming widespread through timely and measured responses. Data from the same study indicate a surge in tokens featuring AI-related keywords such as GPT, Openai and Bard. Approximately 4,500 […] Source CryptoX Portal

Indian Authority Busts Cryptocurrency Fraud Ring Targeting Foreign National

India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) has cracked down on a cryptocurrency fraud ring targeting a foreign national. The accused persuaded the victim to transfer $400,000 to a cryptocurrency account set up using unauthorized remote access. The ED seized digital evidence, froze fixed deposits, and confiscated jewelry connected to the case. The investigation is still ongoing. ED […] Source

Gemini Taps Kaiko for Enhanced Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading

Kaiko, a prominent player in the crypto data sector, has announced a strategic partnership with Gemini Foundation, the derivatives trading platform of the cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini. This collaboration will see Gemini Foundation utilizing Kaiko’s Benchmark Reference Rates to power its derivatives platform. The partnership aims to enhance the stability and security of Gemini’s platform by […] Source

Uzbekistan’s Islamic Authority Retracts Fatwa Against Cryptocurrency, Issues Apology

Uzbekistan’s highest Islamic authority has retracted a fatwa it issued on June 3 that deemed trading with cryptocurrencies impermissible. This declaration, which stated that cryptocurrency trading violated Sharia law, was mistakenly released on social media due to an oversight. In response, the Fatwa Center issued a statement titled “Correction and Apologies.” The statement disclosed that […] Source

Small bitcoin stake makes sense regardless of cryptocurrency thesis, says Fidelity

Some investors might be trying too hard to understand bitcoin and missing an investing opportunity in the process, according to an executive from Fidelity Digital Assets. Matt Horne, head of digital asset strategies at the firm’s custody and trading arm for institutional investors, said investors and advisors are busy sharpening their cryptocurrency thesis when a small portfolio allocation is likely appropriate for them regardless of their thesis. “You could have multiple investment theses on bitcoin, and that’s okay,” Horne said Monday at the 2024 Vision conference, a crypto investing conference…