Crypto Custody Firm Fireblocks Partners With Coinbase (COIN) International Exchange

Customers can use Fireblocksโ€™ policy engine to configure user roles, governance policies, and approval workflows for exchange deposit and withdrawal operations to protect against an insider unilaterally moving funds from an exchange account. They can also deposit, withdraw, and rebalance across the Fireblocks Console or API and monitor all connected account balances, according to a press statement. Source

Binance Leading Coinbase and All Other Crypto Exchanges in This Metric, According to Kaiko Analytics

Crypto exchange Binance is still leading the pack in more than one way, according to digital asset analytics firm Kaiko. In a new report, Kaiko ranks the top ten crypto exchanges in terms of liquidity, putting Binance at the top of the list, followed by Bybit and Coinbase. โ€œLiquid exchanges offer superior trading conditions, such as reduced slippage and lower execution risk. While liquidity can be calculated in various ways, weโ€™ve opted to develop a liquidity score for this quarterโ€™s exchange ranking, using five metrics, including volume and market depth.… To Exit Coinbase L2 Base, Announces Migration To New Blockchain

The decentralized social network has unveiled plans to move from Coinbaseโ€™s Layer 2 blockchain Base to its proprietary network, Friendchain. This development will come as part of the platformโ€™s collaboration with Conduit, a crypto infrastructure service provider. When Will The New Blockchain Launch? In a June 8th post on X, web3 social platform revealed its plans to create a new blockchain dubbed โ€œFriendchain,โ€ winding down its partnership with the Coinbase-incubated Base network. According to the announcement, Friendchain is a proprietary blockchain that will utilize the recently launched…

Coinbase Unveils Weapon to Track Real Blockchain Adoption

FOR FINAL EDIT Coinbase, the major cryptocurrency exchange, has ignited a firestorm in the world of blockchain analytics. In a move that could reshape how we measure network health, theyโ€™ve proposed a brand new metric: the H-Index. Distorting Blockchain Adoption Metrics Traditionally, metrics like daily transactions were the holy grail for gauging blockchain adoption. However, these were easily manipulated by malicious actors creating fake accounts (Sybil attacks) or projects showering users with free tokens (airdrops) to inflate activity. The result? A distorted picture that masked true user engagement. Sybil attacks…

Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Index Has Turned Positive At 0.006, Why This Is Important

The Bitcoin recent foray into $70,000 price territory has again become a hot topic among investors, with many looking at a positive price outlook. As a result of this fascinating price action, the vast majority of long-term holders have seen their holdings cross into profit zone. Particularly, the positive outlook seems to be positive among US-based investors, as shown by the Coinbase premium turning positive. Some see the return of the Coinbase premium as a bullish signal that could continue to drive the price higher. Coinbase Premium Index Flips Positive…

Coinbase Raises Fairshake Super PAC Fund by $25M to Push Crypto Legislation

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has outlined the optimal strategy to achieve regulatory clarity for the crypto sector in the U.S. The executive emphasized the necessity of electing pro-crypto candidates, highlighting Stand With Cryptoโ€™s 900,000 advocates and their impact on key legislative votes. Armstrong also mentioned Coinbaseโ€™s recent $25 million contribution to the Fairshake Super PAC, [โ€ฆ] Source CryptoX Portal