The Curious Case of Coinbase’s India Communications Strategy

On April 7, 2022, Coinbase launched operations in India, with executives touting how easy it would be to trade on the company app with payments being processed by Unified Payments Interface, or UPI, a widely used payments system in India. Hours after the event, though, the entity that governs UPI, (National Payments Corporation of India, under the aegis of the RBI) tweeted to clarify that it was “not aware of any crypto exchange using UPI.” Source

Crypto Carbon Trading Is Racing to Clean Up Its Act; Cryptos Drop Even as Stocks Rise

“Some traditional internet business models, like advertising, are likely to persist in the metaverse. However, with blockchain-adjacent technologies such as decentralized identity and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), one’s privacy can actually be preserved in the metaverse, if we construct the foundations just right. Nonetheless, leveraging these kinds of privacy and identity technologies, especially ZKPs, may come with the additional hurdle of poorer latency [because] the zero-knowledge proof itself can be computationally expensive to perform.” (CoinDesk columnist Daniel Kuhn) … “And yet, even if met with dogma or incredulity, innovation is rarely…

Terra Devs Need a Home. Other Blockchains Are Courting Them

“Terraform Labs was extremely good to us as developers so we want to support them in launching the fork, but we can’t commit to building yet,” a Terra developer told CoinDesk. “The thinking is, there’s not any downside with aligning with Terra until things with the new chain become clearer.” Source

Top Latin American Crypto Exchange Bitso Lays Off 80 Employees

Bitso has more than four million users in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. The company told CoinDesk in January that it’s aiming to become the largest exchange in Brazil before the end of 2022. In Brazil, Bitso competes with local crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin, the leader with more than four million customers. Source

Tether ingresa a América Latina con una stablecoin vinculada al peso mexicano

“Hemos visto un aumento en el uso de criptomonedas en América Latina durante el último año, lo que hizo evidente que necesitamos expandir nuestras ofertas”, dijo el director de tecnología de Tether, Paolo Ardoino. La compañía anunció este esfuerzo como un “programa de prueba” en América Latina que espera “allanar el camino” para crear otros tokens vinculados a dinero fiat en la región. Source