Extend Existing Standards to Crypto Before Sector Threatens Stability, Not After, Urges BOE’s Cunliffe

Cunliffe highlighted the opportunities of using DLT technology for trade and post-trade settlements, which encapsulates all the processes that follow a trade. For instance, DLT allows both equities and debt instruments to be combined in a single ledger and facilitate instant trades. Smart contracts, which are programmable to execute different functions, offer “the potential to add layers of additional functionality and features,” Cunliffe said. Source

Algorithmic Stock Platform Delphia Debuts Digital Asset Component

“Integrating the Ecosystem into the Delphia asset management platform will enable us to further incentivize people to share their data and increase the overall value of the data for those investing with Delphia,” said company CEO Andrew Peek. “The Ecosystem, as well as PHI, provide our investors with what we think is the best way to leverage their proprietary data and increase their returns,” he added. Source