Understanding Oscillators in Bitcoin Trading: A Technical Analysis Guide

In the realm of bitcoin trading, technical analysis can play a significant role, with oscillators being pivotal tools. Oscillators, developed over decades, assist traders in making informed decisions by analyzing price momentum and market conditions. This article delves into the history and usage of key oscillators leveraged in bitcoin trading. Oscillators and Why They Matter […] Original

Coinbase, Binance and Other Top Exchanges Roll Out Trading Support for Brand-New ‘Omnichain’ Altcoin

Coinbase, Binance and a host of other top crypto exchanges around the world rolled out immediate trading support for a brand new altcoin native to an “omnichain” project. LayerZero bills itself as an omnichain interoperability protocol. The project aims to move data across blockchains and support “censorship-resistant messages and permissionless development through immutable smart contracts.” On Thursday, the project launched its new native token, ZRO. Binance added support for the asset with a seed tag, and Coinbase assigned the token an experimental label. Both designations alert users to lower liquidity…

Standard Chartered Set to Launch Spot Crypto Trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum

The British multinational banking and financial services firm Standard Chartered is initiating a spot cryptocurrency trading platform for bitcoin and ethereum, Bloomberg sources reveal. Sources Say Standard Chartered Ready to Launch Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading Operations On June 21, Bloomberg’s Emily Nicolle cited sources knowledgeable about the plans, stating that Standard Chartered is on the […] Original

Report Claims Jump Trading Under CFTC Probe for Crypto Activities

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has initiated an inquiry into the cryptocurrency activities of Chicago-based Jump Trading, according to a report by Fortune’s Leo Schwartz. This investigation forms part of a larger regulatory review, though it does not suggest any wrongdoing by the firm. Jump Trading Under CFTC Scrutiny Jump Trading, noted for its […] Source CryptoX Portal

XRP Price Stuck In Tiny Trading Range: Consolidation Phase Continues

Aayush Jindal, a luminary in the world of financial markets, whose expertise spans over 15 illustrious years in the realms of Forex and cryptocurrency trading. Renowned for his unparalleled proficiency in providing technical analysis, Aayush is a trusted advisor and senior market expert to investors worldwide, guiding them through the intricate landscapes of modern finance with his keen insights and astute chart analysis. From a young age, Aayush exhibited a natural aptitude for deciphering complex systems and unraveling patterns. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity for understanding market dynamics, he embarked…

Analyst: Bank of Thailand Boosts Gold Reserves to Push De-Dollarized Trading System Fueled by CBDC

The Bank of Thailand might be increasing its gold reserves to power a de-dollarized trading system, according to Jan Nieuwenhuijs, a gold market analyst. Nieuwenhuijs states that the Bank of Thailand’s constant gold purchases might indicate the nation is preparing to address the possible trade imbalances derived from using Mbridge, a CBDC cross-border settlement project. […] Source CryptoX Portal

Waka Flocka Flame’s Crypto Launch Crashes into Insider Trading Scandal

The red carpet of cryptocurrency rolled out for rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s FLOCKA token launch on June 17th, but quickly transformed into a red flag for investors. Suspicious pre-launch activity has cast a long shadow over the new coin, sparking accusations of insider trading and raising concerns about celebrity involvement in the volatile crypto market. Related Reading 40% FLOCKA Disappears Before Takeoff Blockchain detectives were the first to sound the alarm. Just before FLOCKA’s official debut, a single wallet swooped in and gobbled up a staggering 40% of the entire…

Coinbase International Adds Support for Trading Pre-Launch Tokens

Coinbase International has announced its support for pre-launch markets, a platform that allows traders to trade perpetual futures contracts for tokens that are yet to launch. This feature offers traders the opportunity to participate in price discovery of upcoming projects within a secure environment. Pre-launch markets also carry unique considerations and elevated risks, including lower […] Source CryptoX Portal