Russian Duma Financial Market Chairman States Digital Financial Assets Might Replace Fiat for International Payments

Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on the Financial Market Anatoly Aksakov stated that digital financial assets, issued by institutions regulated by the central bank, could replace fiat channels for international settlements. Aksakov also acknowledged that while not being controlled for this use case, digital assets were already being used to settle international payments. […] Source CryptoX Portal

Optimize Transactions and Unlock Digital Asset Opportunities

The core technology associated with bitcoin, cryptography, is not new but it has re-emerged with blockchain and smart contract technology, which supports tokenization. A token is a unit of value that can be transferred, stored, and traded on the blockchain and is a digital representation of potentially many different kinds of assets, such as ownership rights for cryptocurrencies as well as real-world assets like stock shares, real estate or even art. For some, the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs helped boost the legitimacy of this technology, and now we’re seeing…

Digital Renaissance: Global Market of Artification Brings Rubens and Rembrandt Artworks to Global Blockchain Show

PRESS RELEASE. Dubai, April 12, 2024: The Global Blockchain Show is pleased to announce Global Market of Artification (GMA) as its diamond sponsor at the upcoming two-day conference, set to take place at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai. Artworks by renowned masters like Rubens and Rembrandt will be featured at the event. With the inclusion of […] Source CryptoX Portal

First Digital Labs to Launch FDUSD on L1 Blockchain Network Sui 

The stablecoin issuer First Digital Labs has announced its intention to debut its dollar-pegged token FDUSD on the Sui network. This collaboration is described as a “strategic alliance aimed at enhancing liquidity and efficiency of transactions.” FDUSD to Integrate With Sui Blockchain First Digital Labs, the issuer and asset manager of the fourth-biggest stablecoin in […] Source CryptoX Portal

BCB Group Moves Custody of Digital Asset Operations to Metaco’s Platform

“We continue to empower new global financial ecosystems, by connecting the global crypto industry,” Oliver Tonkin, BCB’s co-founder and CEO, said in the release. “Our collaboration with Ripple, Metaco and IBM Cloud is a paramount step in that direction, as it enables BCB Group to continue delivering superior top tier services to the digital asset ecosystem, in a seamless, secure and affordable way.” Source

South Korea’s Democratic Party to Introduce ETF and Digital Finance Reforms

South Korea’s Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) is eager to relax regulations on exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including those tied to spot bitcoin, despite resistance from the People Power Party (PPP). Although election concerns have temporarily halted the initiative, a crucial poll is set for April 10, and the parliament is predominantly controlled by the DPK-led […] Source BitcoincryptoexchangeExchanges CryptoX Portal

DWS, Galaxy Digital List Exchange-Traded Commodities (ETCs) Offering Bitcoin, Ether Exposure in Germany

While spot crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) have been available in Europe for several years – CoinShares’ Physical Bitcoin ETP, for example, was listed in 2021, and Zurich-based 21Shares says it introduced the world’s first physically backed ETP in 2018 – they’ve come more into focus since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved a bunch of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for the world’s biggest economy in January. The U.S. funds have attracted a net inflow of about $12 billion in less than three months, according to BitMEX Research. Source

Galaxy Digital to Raise $100M for New Fund

Galaxy Digital’s venture team has long invested its own money in crypto companies. Now, it’s planning to do that with outside investors’ capital, too. The investments giant is putting together a $100 million fund that will invest in early-stage crypto companies, according to an investor email shared with CoinDesk. Galaxy moved its venture capital franchise into its asset management business in 2023. The Galaxy Ventures Fund I fund aims to invest in as many as 30 startups over the next three years, with checks starting at $1 million. It will…