Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC Remains Range Bound Ahead of US Inflation Report

Bitcoin’s price movements on April 10, 2024, showcased a day of significant volatility, with the cryptocurrency’s value swinging between $68,207 and $70,917. Oscillators and moving averages paint a complex picture of neutrality and cautious selling signals, amidst a backdrop of a $1.35 trillion market capitalization. Bitcoin’s stance of neutrality and period of consolidation precede the […] Original

China’s largest mainland equity funds quietly join spot Bitcoin ETF market, report says

Mainland Chinese fund companies are leveraging their Hong Kong subsidiaries to explore spot Bitcoin ETFs, signaling their keen interest in the new investment avenue. Chinese mainland-based equity funds have reportedly submitted their applications to launch spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) via their Hong Kong subsidiaries, according to a report from China’s state-owned newspaper Securities Times, which cites multiple institutions as a source. While the full list of China’s companies interested in offering spot Bitcoin ETFs wasn’t disclosed, it has been confirmed that Harvest Fund Management’s Hong Kong branch is among…

Officials From the US and UK Investigate Crypto Transfers to Russian Exchange Valued at $20,000,000,000: Report

Authorities from the US and UK are reportedly investigating $20 billion worth of crypto assets sent to a Russian crypto exchange platform. According to a new report by Bloomberg, anonymous sources familiar with the incident say that officials from the US and UK are looking into the matter as part of a crackdown effort against those evading sanctions to support Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The report says that the digital assets in question flowed through Moscow-based crypto exchange Garantex as the stablecoin Tether (USDT). However, Garantex was already…

UK Govt-Backed Report Urges Firms to Execute Tokenization Strategies

Members of the Technology Working Group include the U.K. government’s finance arm and the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates the country’s finance sector, including crypto. This new report builds on the group’s November report where it urged regulators to establish clarity for tokenization as firms continue to take an interest in it. Source

Report: China Could Be Hoarding Over 5,300 Tonnes of Gold, Might Create Price ‘Perfect Storm’

A recent report from Jan Nieuwenhuijs, an expert in the Chinese gold market, has found that the actual gold reserves held by the People’s Bank of China might comprise over 5,300 tonnes, dwarfing official numbers. Nieuwenhuijs explains China might be a driving force behind increasing gold prices, as the country moves to hoarding gold to […] Source CryptoX Portal

Report: Bitcoin’s Mining Landscape Braces for Shift as Halving Could Slash 100 EH/s of Hashpower

Based on a recent analysis, numerous outdated bitcoin mining devices likely powered up in response to the latest uptick in bitcoin’s value. However, with the anticipated block reward halving, it’s projected that around 100 exahash per second (EH/s) of computing power might be disconnected after the event. Bitcoin Miners Enjoy Revenue Boost, Yet Face Potential […] Original

Greenpeace’s Anti-Bitcoin “Mining for Power” Report Receives Fierce Backlash on X

“Mining for Power,” an anti-Bitcoin report by Greenpeace USA that explains the links between the bitcoin mining industry and fossil fuel companies, has faced a backlash in social media due to its inaccurate portraits of the mining activity. Using community notes, social network users detailed the report contained “many factual errors,” including outdated information. Greenpeace […] Original