Bitcoin’s Scalability Foreseen by Satoshi Nakamoto to Outpace Visa, Historic Email Reveals

This week, crypto enthusiasts and historians alike have found themselves enraptured by the wealth of newly released emails from Satoshi Nakamoto, uncovering the visionary’s early efforts with Bitcoin. Specifically, one email, identified as number #3, offers unparalleled glimpses into Nakamoto’s considerations regarding Bitcoin’s scalability, economic framework, and prospects. Emails Suggest Satoshi Nakamoto Was Quite Confident […] Original

Donald Trump Acknowledges Bitcoin’s Popularity — Says BTC Has Taken on ‘a Life of Its Own’ and ‘I Can Live With It’

U.S. presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump has acknowledged the growing popularity of bitcoin, stating that “a lot of people are doing it” and the crypto has taken on “a life of its own.” Trump further shared: “More and more I’m seeing people wanting to pay bitcoin and you’re seeing something that’s interesting so […] Original

Satoshi Nakamoto to Martti Malmi: The Correspondence That Shaped Bitcoin’s Early Days

In a series of insightful emails between Martti Malmi and Satoshi Nakamoto, the foundational discussions shaping the early development of Bitcoin are revealed. These exchanges offer a rare glimpse into the critical thinking and technical challenges overcome in the cryptocurrency’s infancy. Blueprints of a Digital Revolution: Nakamoto’s Conversations With Sirius The dialogue initiated in May […] Original

Is Altcoin Season Upon Us? Here’s What Bitcoin’s Performance Shows

There is reason to believe that the altcoin season is imminent based on Bitcoin’s recent price action. Altcoin season is known to be a period when other crypto tokens begin to outperform the flagship crypto token.  Bitcoin To Cool Off For Altcoin Season Crypto analyst Rekt Capital stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post that Bitcoin has only one last Pre-Halving retrace before it goes on a parabolic move post-halving. Crypto analyst Sjuul also highlighted in an X post how the funding rate is “mildly high” for Bitcoin at the…

Taproot Wizards Reveal Bitcoin’s Onchain Payment Struggles During $15M Sale

Sending bitcoin onchain remains a poor payment experience despite the hype surrounding the leading crypto asset, according to Taproot Wizards founder Udi Wertheimer. In a recent post-mortem of a high-volume sale using bitcoin, Wertheimer detailed several pain points with onchain payments including long confirmation times, lack of payment amount enforcement, high fees, and insufficient Lightning […] Original

Bitcoin’s Pre-Halving Jitters — Historical Trends Spotlight Potential Price Dip Ahead of 2024 Event

As the Bitcoin network nears its fourth halving event, numerous market watchers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are curious about whether the price will experience a temporary decline before the halving occurs. Historically, bitcoin’s value has surged six to seven months ahead of halvings, yet there has consistently been a significant decrease before the subsequent increase that […] Original

Bitcoin Cash investors shift to Deestream as Bitcoin’s path to $90k explored

Disclosure: This article does not represent investment advice. The content and materials featured on this page are for educational purposes only. BCH & BTC surge, while Deestream’s presale draws major investor interest as the first web3 streaming platform. Let’s take a look at three tokens that currently have investors feeling: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Deestream (DST), the world’s first-ever decentralized streaming platform. Bitcoin Cash sees notable gains Bitcoin Cash has been rewarding both short-term traders and long-term investors recently, with a 9.4% increase in price over the last…

20% drop in Bitcoin’s hash rate coming following halving

Galaxy Digital analysts forecast a potential reduction of 20% in network hash rate due to the impending Bitcoin halving in April. The analysts predict that the halving will affect eight specific mining machine models, dropping the network’s hash rate. The halving will decrease per-block mining rewards from 6.25 to 3.125 bitcoin, prompting miners to seek increased efficiency and cost reduction to mitigate the impact of lower rewards. The current hash rate is approximately 515 exahashes per second (EH/s). The affected models were identified in a report released on Wednesday. We…

Bitcoin’s Latest Difficulty Retarget Jumps 8.24%: Miners Navigate the Toughest Mining Landscape Yet

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has hit an unprecedented peak, marking the most significant jump of 2024. On Thursday, at the milestone of block 830,592, the network experienced its fourth adjustment this year with a sharp 8.24% uptick. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Skyrockets, Setting New Records in 2024 Mining bitcoin (BTC) has become considerably more challenging, following an […] Original

Bitcoin’s OP_CAT, Fake Ethereum Tokens, Starknet’s Airdrop

FILES NOT FOUND: Ethereum has a standardized process for adding new token standards, including the well-known ERC-20, for fungible tokens, and ERC-721, for non-fungible tokens or NFTs. But a new unofficial token standard, ERC-404 is suddenly getting traction – and there’s now a supposedly improved version called DN-404. Both standards aim to combine virtues of fungible and non-fungible tokens, theoretically offering the potential to fractionalize NFTs – sort of like creating separate tokens representing a partial interest. The first ERC-404 token, PANDORA, traded as high as $32,000 on Friday morning…