Ryder Ripps ordered to pay Yuga Labs $1.6M in copyright lawsuit

A United States district court judge has ordered nonfungible token (NFT) artists Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen to pay Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs a total of $1.57 million in disgorgement and damages, along with legal fees, bringing an end to the long-running “copycat” NFT lawsuit. The Oct. 25 order follows an April 21 partial summary judgement granted in favor of Yuga Labs after the firm claimed that Ripps and Cahen, the defendants, violated copyright laws by making copycat versions of its Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collectibles.…

Whale moves 1.6m worth of Solana as asset hits top trending list

A Solana (SOL) whale recently moved 1.6 million tokens as the asset slips into the list of trending crypto assets amid a massive 52% increase over the past 30 days. According to whale-tracking platform Whale Alert, the funds were worth $50.39 million at the time of the movement. On-chain data confirms that the transaction occurred today at 06:01 (UTC) and involved two unidentified Solana wallets. The transfer has triggered mixed reactions, especially considering the limited information surrounding it. While some market watchers posit it could signify an attempt at selloff…

Web3 game project allegedly hired actors to pose as executives in $1.6M exit scam

On Oct. 10, the development team for gaming project FinSoul carried out an alleged exit scam, siphoning away $1.6 million from investors through market manipulation, according to a recent report from blockchain security platform CertiK shared with Cointelegraph.  The FinSoul team allegedly hired paid actors to pretend to be its executives, then raised funds for the sole purpose of developing a gaming platform. However, instead of actually creating the platform, the FinSoul team allegedly transferred $1.6 million in bridged Tether (USDT) from investors to itself. Blockchain data indicates developers then…

DeFi Protocol Tender.fi Hacker Returns $1.6M Following Chainlink Oracle Glitch

The attack occurred after Tender.fi upgraded its price feed to relay data from a Chainlink pricing oracle as opposed to a time-weighted average price (TWAP). The code, which was audited by PeckShield, contained an error and returned a number with too many zeros behind it. This meant the attacker was able to deposit one GMX token, worth around $70, effectively tricking the system into allowing infinite borrows, according to a postmortem published on Tender.fi’s Medium page. Source

Winning Dookey Dash Key Sold for $1.6M

CryptoX – Cryptocurrency Analysis and News Portal The one-of-one “Golden Key” was earned by receiving the highest score on Yuga Labs’ skill-based NFT game Dookey Dash last month. Original Source The post Winning Dookey Dash Key Sold for $1.6M appeared first on CryptoX. CryptoX Portal