DWF Labs to Buy $12M of Floki Tokens From Project’s Treasury, Open Market

Floki will release the mainnet version of its flagship utility product, the Valhalla metaverse game, later this year, the developer said. In the coming weeks, Floki will also release several key utility products, including the Floki trading bot and the .floki domain name service. DWF’s purchases will support the growth of these ventures and provide the requisite liquidity. Source

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Fetches $12M Investment in a Token Sale to Build Privacy-Focused Blockchain

The list of investors participating in the round are Comma 3 Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Cypher Capital, Shima Capital, Hercules Ventures, Animoca Brands, Morningstar Ventures, Woodstock Fund, DWF Ventures, Polygon Ventures, Stake Capital, Illuminati Digital Capital, Primal Capital, Mechanism Capital and Spirit Dao, who all purchased the new network’s upcoming utility and governance token TREAT. Source

North Korean Hackers Used Tornado Cash to Launder $12M From Heco Bridge Hack: Elliptic

Tornado Cash was hit by U.S. sanctions in August 2022. This spurred Lazarus Group to use another mixer, Sinbad, to obfuscate their ill-gotten gains. However, Sinbad itself was seized by U.S. authorities in November, prompting Lazarus to make the shift back to Tornado Cash, Elliptic said in its blog post. One of Tornado Cash’s founders, Roman Storm, was arrested last year and is awaiting trial on money laundering charges. Another, Roman Semenov, has been charged but has yet to be arrested. Source

LayerZero to Airdrop 12M $ZRO Tokens in First Half of 2024

LayerZero announced the distribution of the $ZRO token via airdrop will be based on wallet activity as of the time of the snapshot. LayerZero Labs, an omnichain interoperability protocol supporting dozens of blockchains, has announced plans to airdrop its highly anticipated governance token dubbed $ZRO. The LayerZero community has been discussing a potential token for the past months and the team has announced airdrop will be completed during the first half of next year. Moreover, the LayerZero network has grown into a mature ecosystem with dozens of web3 projects from…

Is Ethereum Doomed? Whales Have Sold 12M ETH In Past Year

On-chain data shows Ethereum whales have sold around 12 million in the cryptocurrency within the past year and have shown no signs of slowing down. Ethereum Whale Holdings Have Been In Constant Downtrend Since 2020 In a new post on X, analyst James V. Straten has discussed how the Bitcoin and Ethereum whales have shown some stark contrast in their behavior. Here is the chart that the analyst has shared, which compares the trends in the holdings of these humongous holders for the two assets over their entire history: How…

BALD Developer Sends $12M Back to Ethereum After Spectacular Mess Up

Bald’s mysterious rise in early August came when Base, a blockchain built by crypto exchange Coinbase, wasn’t even officially open to the public. A viral post of a trader turning $500 to hundreds of thousands sent Bald zoomed 4,000,000% within days, attracting over $66 million in ether to the ecosystem as traders hoped to squeeze out returns from an otherwise flat broader market. Source

Nexo in Court With a Co-Founder Over $12M in Missing Assets

According to the court judgment by the London’s High Court on June 27, Nexo and its co-founder Georgi Shulev are disputing the whereabouts of a Ledger hardware wallet containing some of the company’s crypto holdings. Shulev, who is a son of Bulgaria’s former deputy prime minister Lydia Shuleva, founded the company in 2019 together with Antoni Trenchev, who used to be a member of Bulgaria’s parliament, and other co-founders, Kosta Kantchev and Kalin Metodiev. Shulev left the company, which provides crypto trading, lending and custody services, in 2019. The legal…