At World Economic Forum This Year, Panels Debated Blockchain ‘Case Studies’

And yet, that may not actually matter. While the industry did have a smaller presence, the panels that did happen were substantive. The official WEF had more panels related to crypto and crypto-adjacent topics this year than last. The speakers at the side events represented the United Nations, NASA, CERN, BlackRock, the U.S. Congress, the Ukraine Parliament and a host of other traditional heavyweights. Source BlockchainCaseDebatedEconomicForumPanelsStudiesWorldYear CryptoX Portal

Previewing the Regulatory Panels at Consensus 2022

The “Regulation” exploration, taking place in the ACC Ballroom A on Friday, June 10 at 1 p.m. CT, will feature three panels with representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, industry associations and law firms steeped in cryptocurrency issues. Panelists will discuss finding a regulatory “sweet spot” to support novel projects while still mitigating the chances of another project collapsing in a dramatic fashion and harming investors. Original Source ConsensusPanelsPreviewingRegulatory CryptoX Portal

‘Social Engineering Attack’ on Employee Admin Panels

Crypto scammers responsible for what could be the largest ever hack on Twitter were able to succeed because individual employees have high levels of access to information and control on the platform. In a series of tweets from Twitter Support on July 15, the help center of the social media platform confirmed that hackers responsible for the massive breach of high-profile figures’ accounts had conducted a “coordinated social engineering attack” to gain “access to internal systems and tools.” “We know they used this access to take control of many highly-visible…