How the Feds Are Prosecuting NFT Insider Trading Scheme as Wire Fraud โ€“ and Why That Matters

According to the indictment, Chastain took advantage of the way OpenSea promotes NFTs on its site. Multiple times per week, OpenSea lists โ€œfeatured NFTsโ€ on its homepage. Featured NFTs usually appreciated in price after appearing on the homepage because of the โ€œincrease in publicity and resulting demand.โ€ The Indictment alleges that Chastain knew which NFTs OpenSea would feature on its homepage, because he sometimes, in his role as an OpenSea employee, selected them. Source

Consensus Compared: Why 2022 Feels Different

The past Consensus in which Iโ€™m seeing a rhyme is that of 2018, held in the Hilton Hotel in New York City. Until this weekโ€™s massive 17,000-strong event, that 2018 Consensus was CoinDeskโ€™s previous biggest in-person event, with almost 9,000 attendees. Source

Can Coinbase Stock Earnings Justify It's Value?

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Ethereum To Delayed Merge?, ETH Price Plunges Below $1,700

Ethereum has broken below $1,700 since July 2021. At that time, ETHโ€™s price was reacting to the downside due to an increase in selling pressure across the crypto market. Related Reading |ย TA: Ethereum Holds Key Support, Why ETH Must Clear This Hurdle This time, Ethereum seems to be reacting to poor macro-economic conditions, and a potential delay in its most important milestone in recent history: The Merge. The event that will complete ETHโ€™s transition to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain. At the time of writing, Ethereum (ETH) trades at $1,680 with…

Tesla Board Member Kimbal Musk Says Most DAOs Are Not Actually Decentralized

DAOs, for Musk, must continually be decentralizing in order to avoid power accumulation, which is why the donors and non-profit organizations who get to vote in the Big Green DOA have term limits, meaning they have to give up their place at the table and be voted back in to the organization on a quarterly basis. But Musk said term limits are something that doesn’t typically exist in most DAOs. Source

PayPal Allowing Crypto Off Its Platform Heralds a First Step Away From Fiat World, CEO Schulman Says

โ€œWe will instantaneously take your crypto and translate it in to fiat, and you will be able to use that in any one of our 35 million merchant accounts, so we are trying to add functionality,โ€ Schulman said. โ€œBut what we just did with transfers, is kind of like the opening step as you might think about us moving from a fiat-orientated world to a digital currency one.โ€ Source

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Lambastes Anonymous โ€˜Operation Revive COINโ€™ Petitioner

CryptoX – Cryptocurrency Analysis and News Portal “If you have no confidence in the execs of CEO of a company then why are you working at that company,” asked Armstrong. “Quit and find a company to work at that you believe in!” Further down the tweet thread, Armstrong said airing company dirty laundry publicly is unethical and dumb. “If you get caught you will be fired,” he added. Original Source The post Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Lambastes Anonymous ‘Operation Revive COIN’ Petitioner appeared first on CryptoX. CryptoX Portal