FTX Hacker Panicked, Still Holds $339M in Ether, Cryptos: Arkham Intelligence

After tracing the attacker’s blockchain transactions, Arkham found that they “appeared to be in panic” and “lost a large amount of their token holdings” when they moved assets across different chains to avoid getting caught. In a likely attempt to consolidate their holdings, they also converted tokens to ETH and DAI on the Ethereum network, movements that cannot be easily sanctioned by authorities. Source

FTX Collapse Is a Turning Point for the Industry — ‘Crypto Bottom Is In’ – Exchanges Bitcoin News

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, has investments in FTX. Following the collapse of the crypto exchange, he said it’s a turning point for the industry, emphasizing that the “crypto bottom is in.” He is now pushing for crypto regulation. “What I’m going to be doing is I’m going to fly to Washington and I want regulation. I want it now,” O’Leary stressed. Kevin O’Leary on Crypto’s Bottom, Relationship With FTX Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has spoken up about his investments in FTX after the firm filed…

Charities risk losing a generation of donors if they don’t accept crypto

Charities accepting crypto donations are setting themselves up for an entirely new demographic of funders — who just so happen to be one of the most giving, according to charity organizations.  Alex Wilson, the co-founder of The Giving Block, a crypto donation platform providing back-end support to charities, told Cointelegraph that the crypto community is still a market many charity organizations have nointeracted with. The top charity organizations in the world by funds received including United Way Worldwide, Feeding America, and UNICEF. All three of them accept cryptocurrencies as a…

Bitcoin Mining Firm TeraWulf Raised $17M of Capital in Q3, But Cash Reserves Remain Low

In the same quarter, TeraWulf significantly increased its hashrate, or computing power, and energy capacity that could be used for deploying mining machines. About 50 megawatts (MW) of power were brought online at its mining facility in Lake Mariner in upstate New York. The company had 11,000 miners operating at the end of the quarter, and another 9,000 are scheduled to be plugged into the 50 MW in Lake Mariner. As a result of the expansion, WULF mined 117 bitcoin in the third quarter, compared to 29 in the second…

‘Big Short’ Author Michael Lewis Spent Months With FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried and Is Writing a Book

“His childhood, early success on Wall Street, embrace of effective altruism and the creation of a crypto empire that catapulted him in record time into the ranks of the richest people in the world seemed more than sufficient for a signature Michael Lewis book,” the letter said. “The events of the past week have provided a dramatic surprise ending to the story.” Source

White House Goes Back to the Future With FDIC Chair Pick Gruenberg

Gruenberg, who has served on the FDIC board for a record 17 years after working for Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee, has been a reliable proponent of tougher financial rules, though his position on cryptocurrencies hasn’t been fully fleshed out. In an October speech on crypto issues, he said stablecoins could have such a profound effect on the banking system that U.S. regulators need to make sure the digital tokens fit in without disruption. Source