Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass NFT Collection Nets Over $6M in Sales in Just Hours

Yuga Labs co-founder Wylie Aronow, aka Gordon Goner, has been outspoken about protecting creator royalties, noting in November that the company was looking into using allowlists coded into smart contracts to determine which wallet addresses could transfer NFTs. He noted that externally owned accounts, or EOAs, are a type of crypto wallet not used by marketplaces, making it easier to differentiate trades between private users and marketplaces. Source

SHIB a Favorite Holding Among New Crypto Wallets, Nansen Shows

Week-over-week, a steady 22% of SHIB’s circulating supply is parked on crypto exchanges, with Binance, the world’s largest exchange, holding more SHIB than any other; Crypto.com is second-highest. Notably, Binance’s total SHIB deposits have dropped by 1.6 trillion tokens in seven days, while smaller exchanges such as OKX have seen their deposits increase. Source

Circle, Uniswap Research Says DeFi Can Solve $2 Trillion FX Risk Problem

Every day, about $2.2 trillion in foreign-exchange (FX) transactions carry a risk that the yet-to-be settled side of an agreement won’t meet obligations. But a new paper from Circle Internet Financial and decentralized exchange Uniswap Labs finds that a distributed ledger could solve that problem with simultaneous settlement. Original Source CircleDeFiProblemResearchRiskSolveTrillionUniSwap CryptoX Portal

Investors Predict 12% Decline For BTC In Next Two Weeks

Bitcoin has done well in the last week with multiple rallies that have brought the digital asset’s price back to early November 2022 levels. However, while investor sentiment looks to have significantly recovered, not everyone is expecting BTC to continue to do well. The Coinmarketcap Price Estimates feature reveals that a large number of investors are expecting the price of the cryptocurrency to fall over the next two weeks. 12% Decline For Bitcoin The Coinmarketcap Price Estimates feature allows users to input their forecasts for the price of any digital…

Nearly $1 Billion Poured Into Egypt’s Forex Market — Local Currency Now World’s Worst Performing Currency in 2023 – Economics Bitcoin News

The Egyptian central bank recently claimed that its decision to devalue the local currency has been vindicated by foreign investors’ return to the country’s foreign market where they reportedly poured in $925 million in just three days. The surge in the sales of Egyptian treasury bills that mature in a year or less similarly is said to vindicate the central bank’s devaluation of the pound. Surge in Treasury Bill Sales Foreign investors reportedly moved $925 million into Egypt’s foreign exchange market just days after the local currency’s exchange rate versus…

Overbought Or Ready To Rip? Bitcoin Daily RSI Reaches Explosive Levels

Bitcoin price is showing signs of getting overheated on daily timeframes using the Relative Strength Index (RSI). The tool, typically used to spot overbought conditions, is at one of its highest levels ever historically. However, an elevated RSI reading in BTCUSD is deceiving, leading to some of the most dramatic moves ever on the cryptocurrency’s price chart. Here is a closer look at what happens when Bitcoin price action gets this hot. Bitcoin RSI Reaches Highest Level Since Early 2021 After breaching above $20,000, onlookers are wondering if a possible…