Meet the Citizens of Consensus

Last year, the Association for Women in Crypto ran an inclusion survey of 500 people across 200 crypto firms that found around 80% of women in the industry felt either sexually, mentally or physically unsafe at work. Nearly 50% of men responded the same way. “Crypto scored lower than tech, generally,” AWC founder and CEO Amanda Wick said, although she is seeing signs of progress. She said that this year Consensus, for instance, felt more diverse. And that there’s evidence that firms can improve – especially if they’re competing for…

Crypto Re-Staking Platform Attracts $18.8 Billion

The rising trend of “re-staking” has driven significant cryptocurrency investments into platforms that reward users for locking up their tokens. Leading this movement is Seattle-based startup Eigenlayer, which secured $100 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm in February. Eigenlayer has attracted $18.8 billion worth of crypto to its platform from less than $400 […] Source CryptoX Portal

Bitcoin ‘Realized Volatility’ Showing Very Rare Trend: What Could Be Next

Data shows that the Bitcoin Realized Volatility metric has fallen to historically low levels. What generally happens after this pattern forms? Bitcoin Realized Volatility Has Decline To Extreme Lows Recently In a post on X, CryptoQuant author Axel Adler Jr has discussed about the latest trend taking place in the Realized Volatility of Bitcoin. The Realized Volatility here refers to an indicator that basically tells us about how volatile a given asset has been based on its price returns within a specified window. When the value of this metric is…

Wall Street Asks Biden Not to Veto Congress’ Rejection of SEC’s SAB 121 Crypto Policy

“SAB 121 effectively precludes regulated banking organizations from offering digital asset custody at scale since it treats the assets as if they are owned rather than simply custodied by a banking organization,” according to a letter to Biden on Friday, signed by several groups including the American Bankers Association and Financial Services Forum. “Institutions that are forced to record custodied digital assets on balance sheet are subjected to higher capital, liquidity, and other prudential requirements, unlike their non-bank competitors.” Source

Metaplex Announces Introduction of Hybrid Defi Protocol for Solana

Metaplex, a Solana-based protocol that allows for the easy deployment of NFTs across applications, has introduced MPL-404, a hybrid decentralized finance standard. MPL-404 leans on SPL-404, a protocol that allows for the exchange of an NFT for a fixed number of tokens assigned by the designers of each artistic collection. Metaplex Aims to Extend Hybrid […] Source CryptoX Portal

Why This Trader Believes BTC Will Surge By More Than 300%

Seasoned trader Peter Brandt’s recent prediction has captured significant attention. Brandt, known for his crypto market insights, has forecasted a substantial rise in Bitcoin’s value compared to gold, suggesting an impending shift in investors’ asset preferences. Bitcoin vs. Gold: A Shift In Value Peter Brandt, particularly, projected an eye-opening scenario where Bitcoin could dramatically outpace gold. His analysis suggests that the ratio of gold ounces needed to purchase one Bitcoin could escalate to 100 within the next 12 to 18 months. Related Reading This represents roughly a 340% increase from…

Solana-Based Dogwifhat Reaches Critical Level That Could Lead To Catastrophic Crash

Crypto analyst Crypto Jack has suggested that Solana-based meme coin Dogwifhat (WIF) could soon witness a catastrophic crash. He noted what needs to happen for the meme coin to avoid this significant price decline.  How Dogwifhat’s Price Could Crash Significantly  Crypto Jack mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that Dogwifhat’s price needs to stay above $3.5 as failure to hold above that level could be “catastrophic” for the meme coin. He also advised crypto traders to exercise caution while trading the meme coin so they do not get caught…

Pompliano discusses Bitcoin’s transformative impact at Consensus 2024

At Consensus 2024, renowned Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano shared his perspectives on Bitcoin’s new landscape and its far-reaching utility. The panel discussion highlighted Bitcoin’s impact on societal acceptance, the financial system, economic incentives, Wall Street’s changing stance, and educational role. Shift in Societal Acceptance “There’s been an acceleration of those people. It’s no longer celebrities, musicians, etcetera. We’re now talking about the President of the United States, some of the most powerful people on Wall Street are saying this is real,” Pompliano said. President Donald Trump has been the biggest…

DMM Bitcoin Exchange Hit by $305M Hack

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DMM Bitcoin has disclosed a significant breach resulting in the loss of 4,502.9 BTC, equivalent to $305 million, to hackers. The stolen funds were reportedly divided into 10 wallets, with each holding batches of 500 BTC, according to data provided by security firm Blocksec. In response to the breach, DMM Bitcoin has assured customers that it will cover the full amount lost by procuring an equivalent sum of BTC with the support of its group companies. Additionally, the exchange has implemented measures to prevent further unauthorized outflows…

Nigerian Artist Davido’s Meme Coin Plummets Shortly After He Pockets $474,000 From Token Sale

Nigerian artist Davido has been accused of perpetrating an “outright scam” after pocketing over $468,000 from selling his recently launched meme coin. A prominent Nigerian crypto enthusiast claims Davido’s actions create problems for many legitimate crypto businesses and startups operating in good faith. Davido Offloads Meme Coin Hours After Promoting It to Followers The Nigerian […] Source CryptoX Portal