Bitcoin Meal Box: South Korean Convenience Store Chain Partners With Crypto Exchange to Promote BTC

Emart24, South Korea’s fastest-growing convenience store chain, has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb to introduce a “bitcoin meal box” in a promotional campaign. Priced at 5,900 Korean won ($4.30) each, the company aims to sell 30,000 bitcoin meal boxes by May 31. Customers purchasing these boxes can receive 10,000 won worth of bitcoin by using […] Original

Erik Voorhees Unveils New AI Platform Promising Privacy and Unfiltered Free Speech

Erik Voorhees, founder of Shapeshift, has announced the debut of Venice, an artificial intelligence (AI) application that promises enhanced privacy and unrestricted free speech. Unlike mainstream AI services, Venice is designed to operate without the “Orwellian” oversight typical of centralized platforms, offering a truly private and uncensored user experience. New AI on the Block: Venice […] Source CryptoX Portal

Crypto Scammer Returns $34.7 Million To Victim

A week ago, a crypto whale fell victim to a scam that resulted in the loss of over $71 million. In the following days, the scammer moved the funds to veil them. But in a shocking turn of events, they returned the funds to the victim. Related Reading Address Poisoning Scam Snatches $71 Million On May 3, whale 0x1E22…8FD5 lost 1,155 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), worth around $71.31 million, after falling victim to an address poisoning scam. This scam, also known as address spoofing, consists of trying to trick users into…

The XR Foundation Launches XR One: A Revolutionary Layer3 Blockchain; Saltwater Games Leads With 3 Titles in Development

PRESS RELEASE. The XR Foundation in partnership with Saltwater Games is proud to announce the launch of its gaming-dedicated blockchain, XR One. After receiving grant funding from the Arbitrum Foundation, the Saltwater.Labs team has co-developed the Layer 3 Orbit chain leveraging Arbitrum’s ecosystem of technologies. XR One will be powered by its native $XR token […] Source CryptoX Portal

Was Sam Bankman-Fried Proven Right About FTX’s Solvency?

To make it brief, in the days leading up to FTX’s bankruptcy on Nov. 11, 2022, SBF was frantically trying to shore up a gigantic hole in his company’s balance sheet by raising funds basically from anyone he could. This reportedly includes everyone from Silicon Valley VCs, Saudi money men and even SBF’s archrival ex-CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao (who reneged on a handshake buyout deal after reviewing the state of FTX’s finances, only speeding up the ongoing run on the exchange). Source

Crypto Analyst Says XRP Price Can Break Out From Falling Pennant, But Can It Reach $1?

The XRP price, like the rest of the crypto industry, continues to struggle against the bearish winds that have taken over. This has seen its price consistently decline in spite of bulls’ best efforts to prop it up. However, it seems all hope is not lost for the altcoin as expectations are that it will recover soon enough. More specifically, crypto analyst WalterMoon is particularly bullish on the XRP price, noting that it is possible that it will break out of its current pennant. Analyzing The XRP Price Movement To…