Digital Assets See Outflows for 3rd Consecutive Week

Coinshares reported consecutive weekly outflows in digital asset investment products, totaling $30 million. Ethereum faced its worst year-to-date net flows with $61 million in outflows, while multi-asset and bitcoin ETPs saw inflows of $18 million and $10 million, respectively. Regional inflows occurred in the U.S., Brazil, and Australia, contrasted by outflows in Germany, Hong Kong, […] Source CryptoX Portal

Why Is This BTC Chart Super Bullish?

Bitcoin is trending higher at spot rates, breaching $63,000 on June 30 before recoiling. Even though momentum is building, the action of the coin’s price is a source of debate. Still, some are doubtful, thinking there is reason for a possible overvaluation. Analyst: Bitcoin Is Overvalued, Here’s Why In a post on X, one analyst argues that the coin may likely cool off, extending the 18% drop registered in June. To conclude this, the analyst said the preview factored in several parameters, including time, the number of active Bitcoin addresses,…

Solana Trader Makes 307x Profit But Investors Raise The Alarm

Over the weekend, a crypto trader turned 70 SOL into $3 million with a Solana-based token. However, the investor’s success story was overshadowed by the controversial launch of the memecoin that made it possible. Related Reading Trader Makes $3 Million In Minutes A crypto trader made millions in 30 minutes after investing $9,923 in Solana-based memecoin BAKED. Lookonchain reported that a sniper spent 70 SOL to buy 81.78 million BAKED. 30 minutes later, the trader sold his holdings for 21,581 SOL, worth around $3.06 million, in 76 transactions. The feat…

Bitcoin Bulls Advance Price, Face Resistance at $64K

The price of bitcoin (BTC) hit an intraday peak of $63,794 on Monday, reflecting a 2% gain against the U.S. dollar in the past 24 hours. Currently, BTC is trading at $63,070 per unit. The day’s upward movement led to $124.64 million in crypto short and long liquidations, with bitcoin shorts comprising $49.85 million. $49M […] Original

Report: Market Analyst John Hussman Warns of Major Downside for S&P 500

John Hussman, a prominent market strategist known for predicting the 2000 and 2008 crashes, warns of a significant downside for the S&P 500. Hussman highlights elevated asset prices and narrow market participation, suggesting a potential decline of 50-70%. Analyst Predicts Major Stock Downturn Amid Elevated Valuations John Hussman, the president of Hussman Investment Trust, has […] Source CryptoX Portal

U.S. SEC Sues Crypto-Friend Silvergate Bank, Alleging ‘Misleading’ Statements Around AML Program

“On several occasions prior to November 2022, Lane and Fraher – and through them SCC – became aware that the Bank had serious deficiencies in its BSA/AML compliance program,” the complaint said. “In addition, through the results of multiple examinations of Silvergate by the Federal Reserve, through the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (the ‘FRBSF’), Lane and Fraher should have known that there existed critical deficiencies in the Bank’s BSA/AML compliance program.” Source

Analysts Says Cardano Has Bottomed And Will Rally To $0.8, But It Must Hold This Level

A crypto analyst has uncovered a new technical pattern in the Cardano price movements, signaling the potential for a substantial rebound. Echoing this optimism, another analyst has affirmed that Cardano may have hit its bottom and could be on the verge of rebounding to $0.8.  Analyst Declares Cardano’s Price Bottom In an X (formerly Twitter) post on June 29, Captain Faibik, a crypto analyst, shared insights on Cardano’s price action and future outlook. According to the analyst, Cardano’s native token, ADA, is forming a falling wedge pattern on the daily…

How Will The $9 Billion Sell-Off Affect BTC’s Price?

Defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has finally announced the final date to begin refunding Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to affected customers, starting as early as this week.  This eagerly awaited announcement has raised concerns within the cryptocurrency community regarding the potential contribution of these customers to ongoing selling pressure in the Bitcoin market.  Experts Confident In Absorbing Potential Mt. Gox Sell-Off While some analysts express apprehensions about potential losses in Bitcoin, they generally agree that any sell-off concerns related to Mt. Gox will likely be contained and short-lived.  Lennix…

Shiba Inu ‘Underbought,’ While Bitcoin ‘Overbought’ Recently: Santiment

According to this metric, the on-chain analytics firm Santiment has revealed Shiba Inu has been underbought recently, while Bitcoin is overbought. MVRV Z-Score Suggests Shiba Inu Has Been Undervalued Recently In a new post on X, Santiment has discussed how some of the top cryptocurrencies are looking like right now on their MVRV Z-Score. The “Market Value to Realized Value” (MVRV) refers to a popular on-chain indicator that keeps track of the ratio between the market cap and realized cap for any given asset. The realized cap here is a…