Crypto Community Responds to Mastercard Outage

Crypto community responds to Mastercard outage: Global payment giant Mastercard suffered a huge outage last week that led to a substantial hold-up in users’ transactions.

First reported by the Financial Times on July 12th, the outage had a global impact that sparked major complaints from consumers. Mastercard suffered outages across the US and most of Europe.

As to be expected, many of those affected took to social media to voice their frustrations even after the issue was solved. Usually, frustration fades over time and that would be the end of it, but this time, crypto enthusiasts took notice and voiced their opinion.

Crypto Community Responds to Mastercard Outage

Many individuals within the cryptocurrency community chimed in on the financial giant’s post advocating for cryptocurrency over Mastercard.

Another user said:

Then there was a copious amount of Ripple enthusiasts chiming in, seeing as Ripple works with major financial institutions.

Even DASH enthusiasts chimed in. Despite crypto enthusiasts’ efforts to pull a few more people over to the crypto side, there wasn’t a spike in the cryptocurrency market during this Mastercard downtime. But who knows, maybe now the global financial giants will consider taking a serious look at blockchain technology to prevent this from happening again.

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