GitHub has been Acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft, the global software giant, just announced that it will be acquiring GitHub.

GitHub is the google docs for developers, which allows them to collaborate and share work with each other easily. The company’s main principles are centered around open-sourced licensing, which lets developers access, use, and tweak code written by others with the ultimate goal of wanting to improve it.

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Why Microsoft?

Microsoft has been extremely skeptical of open-source in the past, as it directly threatens their proprietary technology, but it seems the company is now making the shift to try and keep up with everyone else. Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, has even been quoted calling Linux a “cancer” in the past. You see Linux and other software that is built with open-sourced technology are mostly free, which directly threatens Microsoft’s control over what software is put on the world’s PCs.

Despite the large software company’s embrace of open-source, GitHub developers are split on the acquisition.

Embrace or Revolt?

GitHub had previously stated that it would strive to remain independent and even planned to IPO in 2017, but the company has struggled to find a new CEO since August.

There is a GitHub replacement called GitLab, but developers are still split on the news.

Another Twitter user responded to the news by saying:

There haven’t been all negative responses to this breaking news.

What do you think? RIP GitHub? Leave your comments below.

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