HTC Partners with, Bringing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the Exodus 1

Mobile phone giant HTC has announced a partnership with Roger Ver led in order to create the capacity to store and transact with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) without an application. The integrated BCH wallet will help HTC create a simple interface for crypto transactions and for a higher number of users, as reported by Venture Beat, September 16, 2019.

Controversial Move, But Faster Transactions

A lot of people are going to be extremely unhappy that HTC has chosen to work with A lot of Bitcoin advocates see as a “bad actor” in the space for promoting BCH over BTC.

However, merchant adoption of BCH is an obvious merit that cannot be denied. With transaction fees around $0.01 and zero-confirmation transactions, which is safe for small amounts, BCH is gaining traction and living up to its motto of being peer to peer cash.

HTCs Phil Chen believes that the Exodus vision was always supportive of public blockchains, and its core ideology rests in using crypto as money. Chen is happy to partner with to integrate BCH as a payment rail.

This is just the first step of the partnership. HTC plans to give discounts for those purchasing the phone with BCH, and plans to offer the phone for sale on its store.

The Battle for Bitcoin

The Bitcoin community is split into many parts today; from the singular BTC chain, we now have a ton of forks such as BCH and BSV which have gained traction.

BCH is the strongest fork of the BTC chain and has been at the center of major controversies. has used deceptive marketing tactics to bring people toward BCH; this is completely unnecessary as BCH is a functioning chain with an array of benefits.

There are contradictions from both sides of the game. BTC proponents advocate for freedom and privacy, yet they shame people for using BCH., led by major BCH supporter Roger Ver, markets BCH as the “real Bitcoin” and labels BTC as “Bitcoin Core”.

If BCH lived up to libertarian values, they would simply state the features of both chains and allow the user to decide which one suits their need.

Of course, BTC visibly dominates BCH as it is older, and the longest chain wins. However, this alone cannot erode the fact that BCH is growing stronger and has obvious merits (and demerits) when compared to BTC.

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