OKX suffers second network outage in last three months 

On March 17 crypto exchange OKX suffered a temporary server outage which was solved in about an hour. 

The OKX team said in a Twitter update that the outage was due to a matching engine problem. 

OKX experienced downtime

In several tweets, OKX assured investors that the engineering team was working hard to fix the problem while ensuring all funds remained safe.

As such, the network promised to resume service provision as soon as the problem was solved. 

OKX founder Star Xu also quoted the OKX tweet noting, “Sorry for the inconvenience. We will review the problem asap to prevent the same issue from happening again.” 

In one of the tweets, OKX noted that following the solving of the problem, they would have a cancel-only period. True to its word, the network’s problems were solved in just an hour, as announced by OKX in another tweet.  

OKX began with a cancel-only session before resuming full services from 5:27 pm UTC+8. OKX apologized to the investors for the inconvenience caused. 

Earlier today, there were some complaints on social networks that OKX was down. One user called ZIKO (@zikoevans) tweeted angrily, noting that OKX servers are busy.

The user complained that they could not sell the  @BabyDogeCoin pump. 

Following the tweet by OKX, other investors seemed worried about the downtime, noting that it would lead to liquidations. 

OKX responded to the user, seemingly supporting their tweet. The team told the user to ask for assistance in case of a problem.

OKX December outage 

The exchange has suffered network outages before. Last December, the crypto exchange network suffered a service outage that lasted close to 24 hours. The crypto exchange failed to process a single transaction during the period.

Based on reports, the cause of that outage was a previous failure of Alibaba Cloud in Hong Kong. The OKX technical team promised to carry out a postmortem to get to the root cause of the most recent downtime.

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