Permanent Remote Work for Staff

From the research of the Economic Intelligence Unit, it was found out that most Dropbox employees feel more productive working from home as they feel more engaged than when they are in office settings.

Dropbox Inc (NASDAQ: DBX) has announced a permanent remote work measure for its employees in what appears as the necessary new normal. As gleaned from Dropbox (DBX) official announcement, the recommendation to employees to take permanent remote work measures became imperative seeing how the coronavirus pandemic has shaped today’s workspace.

According to the Dropbox (DBX), the decision to implement a permanent remote work strategy came out of a holistic consultation both with its backed Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) and internal surveys seeking employee’s opinions about the best means to work following the pandemic. 

From the research of the Economic Intelligence Unit, it was learned that most workers feel more productive working from home as they feel more engaged than when in office settings. About 90% of Dropbox’s employees also reinstated their desire to continue working from home. These primarily informed the DBX approach to making remote work for employees permanent. Dropbox further noted that it will be setting up Dropbox studios that will serve as a meetup for its staff when it is safe to do so, and should the need for in-person gathering arise. These studios will be located in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Dublin to start where the majority of Dropbox’s staff are located.

For a firm that debuted on the Nasdaq back in 2018, the company’s shares following the company’s recent work from home strategy rose by 1.55% on Tuesday to close trading at $20.34 per share. The upward trajectory of the stock is also currently sustained in the pre-market in what appears as a complement to the shares that have gained increased relevance during the lockdowns. 

The company acknowledged the fact that while its products have aided companies in their transition to embrace digital capabilities, it has also informed its need to trust its workers to have the right set of resources to stay productive following its confirmed permanent remote work.

Dropbox Permanent Remote Work, One of the Many To Come

The move by DBX to adopt a permanent remote work policy is just one of the many that Wall Street firms have recorded. Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) pronounced back in May that its employees can begin working from home forever as it noted that remote work has proven to be productive.

In the same vein, Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) earlier revealed through Suresh Kumar, its global Chief Technological Officer that thousands of its staff will continue to work from home in the reality ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides remote work helping to maintain a healthy work environment and slowing down the rate of spread of the virus, CNBC reported that it is also helping firms to cut down on real estate costs particularly for companies like Dropbox that are located in the expensive San Francisco area.

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