Selling Blockchain’s Financial Inclusion Message: Mac McGary of Sweetbridge Alliance

Selling Blockchain’s Financial Inclusion Message: Mac McGary of Sweetbridge Alliance

Imagine the gains in prosperity if farmers in developing countries could access capital at the same cost as those in developed ones. Blockchain and digital currency technology can create huge economic gains that way by including everyone — but only if it’s done right. Mac McGary, president of trade and commerce platform Sweetbridge Alliance told Bitsonline of his experiences lobbying U.S. government agencies to convince them on that point.

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McGary: Financial Inclusion Leads to Prosperity and All Its Benefits

Access to blockchain would change the economic dynamics for farmers and producers  “With that comes identity, a middle class, access to information, generally what we would say is prosperity, over time,” McGary says.

Sweetbridge Alliance is an open source foundation that’s “all about protocols for prosperity.” It wants to create a stable-value token and other blockchain-based applications to provide the financial inclusion necessary to make that prosperity happen.

Blockchain is global but the U.S. has been a historic leader across many technology industry sectors. That’s why it’s imperative for Americans to innovate and lead the way with good policy.

But it will miss a golden opportunity, McGary says, if it doesn’t support the blockchain industry’s good actors. To spread that word, he and his team have met with Congress members and representatives from the U.S. Treasury, Chamber of Commerce and others in recent times.

To hear more about Sweetbridge and its vision, watch the full interview above. And stay tuned for more interviews from the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles from May 2018.

Does Sweetbridge have the right strategy to fulfill blockchain and digital currency’s potential? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. 

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