Solana first layer 1 blockchain to incorporate AI via ChatGPT

The Solana Foundation announced the Solana blockchain integrated artificial intelligence (AI) via the ChatGPT plugin. Integration available for download Solana, the first layer-1 blockchain to incorporate the ChatGPT plugin, has made the integration available for download on Github. Developed by Solana Labs, this integration serves as a reference point, demonstrating the potential of AI in enhancing the development of Solana’s data, protocols, computing infrastructure, and DeFi projects.  The plugin offers various functionalities, including the ability to purchase NFTs, execute token transfers, examine transactions, analyze public account data, and search for…

Ledger delays release of private key recovery service

Ledger has decided to postpone the launch of its private key recovery service after facing strong criticism from the crypto community, citing concerns over potential security vulnerabilities and the need for more transparency. Hardware wallet company Ledger has decided to delay the release of its private key recovery service following a week of intense backlash from the crypto community. The company took to Twitter to address the concerns and announced plans to hold a town hall discussion on the matter. Ledger’s chief technology officer, Charles Guillemet, stated on Twitter that…

comparison with competitors like Biticodes and Bitcoin 360 AI

We live in an era where technological innovations are released almost daily. This could sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to process. With this, choosing the most suitable crypto trading platform that meets all your needs can be tasking, a process we wish to simplify. Unveiling the best crypto trading bots Modern crypto trading bots do more than trade with cryptocurrencies on autopilot.  As artificial intelligence (AI) that includes machine learning, bulk data analysis, and other smart technologies evolved, collecting large amounts of crypto market information in real time has become…

Bitcoin Miner Upstream Data Sues Crusoe Energy

Crypto miners like these two work on oil and natural gas wells where excess gas is released, or flared into the atmosphere, adding carbon dioxide equivalents, particularly methane. The miners instead set up power generators that burn that excess gas, extracting energy and using it to power bitcoin mining rigs. Original

Zuzalu Is 2 Months in Montenegro With Crypto Elites, Cold Plunges, Selfies With Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin

The agenda included official business conference–style events, with many sessions taking place at the “Dome,” a structure built by volunteers specifically for the event, about 300 feet from the Chedi. Each week delved into a different theme, like zero-knowledge cryptography, and Web3, though other weeks were not crypto-specific, addressing themes like AI, network cities or longevity. Source

Social DAO Cabin Wants to Build a ‘Network City’

The project, Cabin, escalated that effort Tuesday with plans for the first “network city,” a global alliance of self-governing neighborhoods accessible to “citizens” who hold NFTs. Project backers say living in these neighborhoods will be cheaper, and more accessible, than the status quo. Source

5 reasons bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency for gambling

With the creation of digital assets, crypto exchanges, and digital gambling, bitcoin (BTC) has emerged as a leader in online gambling. The crypto asset has transformed the gambling industry by providing players with the exceptional experience of crypto casinos.  Bitcoin casinos are specialized platforms that offer a tailored gambling experience designed explicitly for users of the most valuable cryptocurrency. With a wide range of games, fair gaming mechanisms, and incentives such as bonuses,VIP programs and 5 deposit casinos for UK players, bitcoin casinos have become a thriving part of the…