Sam Bankman-Fried Doesn’t Want to Go to Prison for 100 Years

“[Bankman-Fried’s] personal assets are gone,” the memo said. “Insufficient funds remain even for payment of a fine … Legal proceedings will follow him for the rest of his life. The ability to obtain employment, bank, borrow, travel, and adopt, among other things, may be implicated. More painful for Sam is that the companies he built and loved – and which had so much lawful success and even more potential – are gone. And Sam is utterly heartbroken that he may have caused collateral damage to the philanthropic community that he…

Amidst a Surge in Spot Bitcoin ETF Reserves, Kraken Institutional Enters the Market

The crypto exchange based in San Francisco, Kraken, has unveiled its latest offering, Kraken Institutional, a digital currency suite designed expressly for high-net-worth firms and institutional investors. Deep Liquidity and Low-Latency Trading: Kraken Institutional’s Promise to Elite Clients This new crypto service, Kraken Institutional, introduced by Tim Ogilvie, the global head of the business division, […] Original

Renowned Economist Says Bitcoin Isn’t Digital Gold, Then What Is It?

Chief Economist and Bitcoin antagonist, Peter Schiff has made another controversial statement about BTC, comparing the world’s largest cryptocurrency to gold, while expressing skepticism about BTC being lauded as the “digital gold.” Bitcoin Is “Digital Anti-Gold” In a February 27 post on X (formerly Twitter), Schiff publicly criticized Bitcoin’s title as the digital gold, asserting that the cryptocurrency should be seen as a bet against gold instead of a digital counterpart of the precious metal. While the renowned economist has stated that “Bitcoin is not digital gold,” he has also…

Altcoin Market Cap Break From “Wyckoff Accumulation Phase”: Will Ethereum, XRP Fly?

In a post on X, one analyst observes that the altcoin market capitalization has broken from the Wyckoff accumulation phase. With this upswing, the trader expects altcoin prices to move higher. This refreshing breakout coincides with Bitcoin’s (BTC) stellar performance when writing on February 28. At spot rates, the coin is trading above $60,000, a psychological round number- now supported- and is closely approaching $70,000.  The Altcoin Breakout From Accumulation The “Wyckoff accumulation pattern” is a concept developed by technical analysts to pick out potential buying opportunities, in this case, altcoins.…

Bullish Whales Target $70k Rally

As Bitcoin’s price grazed the $64,000 milestone on Feb. 28, market indicators indicate an imminent rally to new all-time highs above $70,000.  Bitcoin (BTC) grabbed headlines again on Feb. 28, as prices surged to a daily timeframe peak of $64,000, its highest in 830 days. With whale investment metrics still flashing green signals, a new all-time high could be on the cards for the pioneer cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin whales in firm control: Holding 60% of the total supply  The Bitcoin ETF approval was undoubtedly a real watershed moment for the crypto…

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Promises to Return $1.1B to Earn Customers in NYDFS Settlement

“In addition to Gemini’s failures related to Earn, the Department’s investigation revealed that Gemini engaged in unsafe and unsound practices that ultimately threatened the financial health of the company,” the press release said. “Gemini Liquidity LLC, an unregulated affiliate, collected hundreds of millions of dollars in fees from Gemini customers that otherwise could have gone to Gemini, substantially weakening Gemini’s financial condition.” Source

Nigeria Detains Two Binance Executives, Crypto Platform Accused of Exchange Rate Manipulation

Nigerian authorities have reportedly detained two senior executives from Binance who had recently arrived in the country. The Central Bank of Nigeria’s governor stated that in 2023 alone, $26 billion flowed through the cryptocurrency exchange from sources and users that the bank could not adequately identify. Passports of Binance Executives Seized Authorities in Nigeria have […] Source

Analyst Labels Bitcoin Rally Strongest Pre-Bull Cycle Yet

The entire cryptocurrency space is fueled with excitement as the price of Bitcoin rallied today, demonstrating immense resilience, reaching the $59,000 threshold and even further in the past 26 months. Bitcoin Rally Kicks Off The Strongest Pre-Bull Cycle So Far Bitcoin is currently in the limelight as the crypto asset continues to rally, leading to several analysts identifying the surge as the start of the “biggest bull cycle ever.” Analyst and trader Crypto Jelle has labeled the recent uptick as the “strongest start to a new cycle” as his analysis…

Coinbase (COIN) Made an Arbitration Case to the U.S. Supreme Court – Again

Eventually, the Supreme Court is likely to weigh questions that are central to the nature and survival of crypto in the U.S. – namely, what makes a digital asset a security or a commodity, and what are the government’s powers to oversee the markets where such assets change hands. But those cases are still winding through lower courts and may not rise to the high court’s consideration for many months or even years. Source