Argentine Officials Met With Salvadoran Regulators to Discuss Bitcoin Adoption and Regulation

Argentine officials of the CNV, the country’s equivalent to the U.S. SEC, and Salvadoran officials of the CNAD, the National Commission for Digital Assets, met on May 23 to discuss bitcoin regulation and adoption issues. This meeting was the second between these two institutions and hints at a possible regulation agreement between the two countries. […] Original

Xapo CEO Seamus Rocca Describes Xapos’ Proposition, Talks US Regulation, Emerging Markets, and Stablecoins

Seamus Rocca, CEO of Xapo, had a candid conversation with’s COO Jason Sheman, where he shared his accumulated experience and knowledge describing what makes Xapo different from a traditional neobank, talked about U.S. markets and regulations, how emerging markets see crypto, and the necessity of implementing stablecoins in Xapo after Silvergate Banks’ downfall. Xapo […] Source CryptoX Portal

Mark Cuban Blasts SEC’s Crypto Regulation, Advocates for Japan’s Approach

Billionaire investor and “Shark Tank” star, Mark Cuban, has taken to social media to voice his concerns about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approach to cryptocurrency regulation. In a series of posts, Cuban criticizes the SEC for stifling innovation and causing harm to businesses in the crypto industry. He contrasts the U.S. regulatory […] Source CryptoX Portal

Former Biden advisor predicts US crypto regulation imminent

The double-edged nature of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly apparent, particularly in their role in facilitating child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Speaking to, former Whitehouse insider Moe Vela said he expects the government to intervene soon. U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bill Cassidy have attacked the cryptocurrency sector, raising concerns about the matter. Federal agencies have been urged to enhance their capacity to detect and prosecute cryptocurrency transactions linked to CSAM. Their call comes at a critical time when privacy-focused cryptocurrencies and mixing services have been identified as tools for laundering funds derived from CSAM, as detailed in recent studies by Chainalysis…

A joint statement by Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office on collaboration on the regulation of online services

I ddarllen y tudalen yma yn Cymraeg, cliciwch yma. We have published a joint statement with Ofcom about collaboration on the regulation of online services where online safety and data protection intersect. The statement sets out how we will work together on areas of mutual interest to achieve a coherent approach to regulation. It builds on a joint statement published in November 2022 that envisioned working together more closely to achieve greater alignment. Read the statement in full here.   Source

Tether’s (USDT) Stablecoin Dominance May Wane Following Proposed U.S. Regulation: S&P

“An approval of the stablecoin bill would accelerate institutional blockchain innovation, in particular for tokenization or digital bond issuances involving on-chain payments,” O’Neill said, adding that the “growth of institutional use cases for stablecoins would create opportunities for banks as stablecoin issuers and may also reduce tether’s dominance in the global stablecoin market.” S&P said that USDT is issued by a non-U.S. entity and therefore is not a permitted payment stablecoin under the proposed bill. This means that U.S. entities can’t hold or transact in it, which could reduce USDT’s…

Australian Regulator Says Crypto Is a Debenture That Requires Regulation

The chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has said his organization views cryptocurrency as a debenture hence it falls under regulatory purview. The ASIC chairman also argued that many cryptocurrency investors are unaware of what they are getting into. Crypto Falls Under the ASIC Regulatory Oversight Joe Longo, chairman of the Australian […] Source CryptoX Portal