Ripple launches CBDC and stablecoin issuance platform

Ripple, a leading crypto solutions company, has introduced the Ripple CBDC Platform, a comprehensive solution for central banks, governments, and financial institutions to issue their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and manage the lifecycle of fiat currencies. Barely 24 hours after purchasing a controlling stake in Metaco, a Swiss-based firm specializing in tokenization and digital asset custody, Ripple, the fintech firm in charge of the XRP altcoin, has launched a new stablecoin and CBDC issuance platform. With over 90% of countries actively exploring CBDCs to enhance financial inclusion and…

The Big Issues of Stablecoin Issuance

CryptoX – Cryptocurrency Analysis and News Portal Here are the key issues as the House Financial Services Committee hears testimony about stablecoin regulation. Original Source The post The Big Issues of Stablecoin Issuance appeared first on CryptoX. CryptoX Portal

SEC Summons Justin Sun, Soulja Boy & YouTube Musician over Issuance of ‘Unregistered’ TRON Coins

The SEC says the TRON founder and the other two accused have 21 days to answer its summons or incur further punitive action.  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued summons to TRON founder Justin Sun and a few other celebrities over the TRX token. According to reports, the securities regulator wants to hear from Sun, American rapper Soulja Boy, and YouTube sensation Austin Mahone following its civil complaint.  Last month, the SEC accused several celebrities, including the trio, of involvement in issuing unregistered tokens. The Commission alleged that…

Blockchain-Based Debt Protocol Obligate Records First Tokenized Bond Issuance on Polygon Network

“With traditional sources of lending restricted by current market conditions, this issuance enables investors to access on-chain bonds and commercial paper at a fraction of the cost and time, within the same secure and regulated framework they are familiar with from the traditional financial markets,” Bruce Jackson, Apex’s chief of digital asset funds and business, said. Source link

Falling Stablecoin Issuance Is Negative Sign for Crypto Trading

“Rising market prices enticed traders to take on more leverage, in the form of borrowing stablecoins, which was then used to buy more crypto,” analysts Sheena Shah and Kinji Steimetz wrote. “Falling market prices were catalyzed by a reduction in crypto liquidity caused by traders closing long crypto positions, followed by redemptions of the stablecoin received.” Source

Paxos Halt of BUSD Stablecoin Issuance Derails Binance Strategy for Global Dominance, With Tether’s USDT, Circle’s USDC, Maker’s DAI as Likely Gainers

In the largest BUSD pool on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Curve, where traders can swap between stablecoins, traders almost depleted the USDT, USDC and DAI liquidity. Now, 85% of the pool’s liquidity is BUSD, making it difficult for traders to exchange large amounts of BUSD, and forcing sellers to accept losses at the discounted exchange rates. At current rates, a trader exchanging 10,000 BUSD will receive 9,982 USDT. Source

Korean Regulator Approves Issuance and Distribution of Security Tokens – Regulation Bitcoin News

South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) has reportedly said that Korean investors will soon be able to easily invest and trade security tokens or fractionalized assets. According to the FSC’s Lee Su-young, security token investors are expected to get the same protection that is provided to investors in conventional securities. Protecting Korean Security Token Investors The South Korean financial markets regulator, the Financial Services Commission (FSC), has okayed the issuance and distribution of security tokens, a report has said. According to the report, Korean investors are expected to begin trading…

Celsius Proposes Bankruptcy Crypto Token Issuance as Part of Restructuring Plans

Embattled crypto lender Celsius plans to use a new bankruptcy digital currency token to pay off its creditors.  According to reports, Celsius Network LLC may issue a bankruptcy crypto token to repay creditors. This development forms part of a broader “recovery corporation” scheme by the bankrupt crypto lender to remerge as a new publicly traded company. After fielding several uncompelling acquisition bids, Celsius attorneys opine that liquidating would generate fewer funds than reorganizing. Celsius Intends to Roll Out Bankruptcy Crypto Token Sooner Celsius announced that its reorganization and bankruptcy digital…

El Salvador Approves Digital Assets Issuance Law – Regulation Bitcoin News

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the Digital Assets Issuance Law, a framework that will allow the country to issue crypto-related debt instruments. The approved law, which was passed thanks to the majority that President Nayib Bukele has in Congress, serves as a base for the issuance of the long-expected volcano bonds. El Salvador Passes Digital Bond Law El Salvador has taken another step in the way of integrating blockchain technology with the financial operations of the state. The Legislative Assembly finally passed the Digital Assets Issuance Law, which…