LUNA Exchange-Traded Product Issuances Halted After Price Shellacking

As per Swiss-based 21Shares, a company spokesperson told CoinDesk that given the LUNA network “operating intermittently and inconsistently, 21Shares is unable to provide creation and redemption operations and is suspending the quotation of the Terra ETP. We will continue to closely monitor this fast evolving situation on the underlying.” Source

‘The Fed Is Trapped’- Erratic Bond Markets, Exhausted Supplies, Analyst Says Tsunami of Treasury Issuances Underway – Economics Bitcoin News

The U.S. Federal Reserve is in a predicament as fiscal deficits erode the American economy and the nation is seeing a spike in benchmark 10-year Treasury yields. Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expressed zero worries about inflation during an interview at a Wall Street Journal Jobs Summit on Thursday. Powell didn’t explain when the easy-money policies would end and after his commentary, U.S. bonds and stocks saw a massive sell-off. The US Fed Juggles Shaky Treasury Yields and Easy-Money Policies On March 3, 2021, Reuters reported on how the…