Cannabis Industry Attorney David Rodman Describes Legal Hurdles

Cannabis Industry Attorney David Rodman Describes Legal Hurdles

Getting cannabis legalized at state level is tough enough — but then you have to deal with multiple local authorities, complete with their variety of individuals and opinions on marijuana use. Colorado’s principal attorney to the legal cannabis industry David Rodman told us about the challenges both current and future.

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Rodman: California Is ‘Like Colorado on Steroids’

Bitsonline spoke briefly to Rodman in Denver at the previous CryptoCannabis conference in October 2017, so it was good to catch up for a longer talk and find out how the legal situation has evolved since then.

Legalization of cannabis in the nation’s largest economy, California, is probably the main change. It’s “a bit infuriating, makes Colorado look like a walk in the park from a regulatory standpoint,” he says. But the huge state is also “like Colorado on steroids” legally as well as economically.

That said, some of Colorado’s local administrations have been great at understanding the industry, and Rodman names the ones most willing to accept and support a newly legal and still misunderstood industry that could be worth billions.

About those potential billions: while accessing financial services has become easier for cannabis businesses, raising investment funds is still a sticking point.

Experience and Expertise Count

If you’re fundraising or considering an ICO to fund a cannabis business, then legal experience and expertise count — a lot. Rodman certainly has gained a lot of that over the years. It’s important, he says, to get advice from those with hands-on experience rather than just theory.

It’s not cocky to say that either — the Rodman Law Group team has been at the forefront representing the industry for years, and has worked hard to earn its reputation.

Many legal professionals have joined the industry in the past year, sensing the very real opportunity to specialize and make money in the niche. To hear all the details, watch the full interview.

Does representing an industry like legal cannabis sound interesting to you? What would you say are the main issues? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images and video: Jon Southurst

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