Crypto Ads on Google | Are They Coming Back Now?

Crypto enthusiasts woke up to a surprise this Monday morning. It seems that, after a Western media ban, crypto ads on Google are back. Or at least, the search engine is back to promoting ads of Coinbase.

Crypto Ads on Google: Once Banned, But No More

At the start of this year, the crypto industry came to a standstill when websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter placed a ban on their adverts. Leading the pack was Facebook, which banned crypto ads back in January. Google followed less than three months later.

At the time, the social media giants said there were too many scammers on their sites, creating fake ICOs so people would send them money.

But now the ads are back.

Crypto Ads on Google: All We See is Coinbase

It’s unclear whether Google is following in Facebook’s footsteps, which recently lifted most of its rules for the crypto industry, once again showing Coinbase ads, or if this is an honest action. Or, perhaps it’s a mistake. The latter is unlikely, though.

As of Monday, July 23rd, when you type in Bitcoin on Google, an advertisement for Coinbase appears. Same goes for when an individual puts in Coinbase.

crypto ads on Google
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Crypto Ads on Facebook: Always the Leader

Just as Facebook started the trend of banning crypto ads, (which was justifiable, the scams were getting bad; but still, an industry-wide ban was a bit unfair) Facebook started the reversal of the bans.

Two days ago, Facebook started showing crypto ads again, primarily of Coinbase.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of the digital currency exchange, tweeted his excitement on Friday about being back. He added that he is glad his company will once again be allowed to introduce “more people to an open financial system.”

The Takeaway

So, crypto ads on Google are back, or at least they seem to be for Coinbase. The company has yet to say anything, nor has Brian Armstrong, but it’s likely this is not a mistake, and Google agrees with Facebook that some of the bans on the industry should be lifted.

Rob Leathern, Facebook’s product management director, said that the best way to “refine the policy” is to “allow some ads while also working to ensure that they’re safe.”

Note that on Facebook, and likely Google, there will not be any ads promoted for “binary options and initial coin offerings.” This rule will remain.

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