Robinhood Crypto | Is a Crypto Wallet on the Verge of Being Made?

Robinhood Crypto: Rumors are circulating the crypto industry this Tuesday morning. Normally, we see rumors of exchanges adding certain cryptocurrencies – but today, things are a little different.

Robinhood Crypto: Looking for Crypto Engineers – Why?

The week has only just kicked off, and yet, we’re already seeing speculation regarding the future of Robinhood, a stock and crypto trading app.

On June 26th, Robinhood posted a job advertisement. Specifically, Robinhood announced that it is actively seeking multi-skilled crypto engineers. But why?

The advertisement makes a reference to the creation of a crypto wallet. As a result, many are now speculating that Robinhood wants to hire crypto engineers so that it can create its very own storage option.

If you’re reading this, and you’re a crypto engineer, then you may have just found yourself a job! There are some requirements, however, according to the advertisement.

Here are two:

Build New Functionality

Those applying for the crypto engineering position will have to “build out new functionality.” Robinhood provided the following examples: add new virtual currencies and provide functionality for a wallet.

Utilize Blockchains

As a crypto engineer, says Robinhood, prospective candidates will need to know how to “utilize blockchains for new features or infrastructure.”

The Takeaway

As a crypto trading app, Robinhood is actively involved in the crypto industry. However, the company has become even more so as of late. Last month, the company brought in $368M in order to expand its Robinhood Crypto spin-0ff.

Moreover, earlier this month, reports surfaced that Robinhood may be trying to get its hands on a US banking license.

But is the potential crypto wallet going to consume everyone’s minds? If one is created, not only will it be giving crypto engineers jobs, and Robinhood its own in-house option, but it also gives users of the crypto trading app the option of a crypto wallet.

It’s important to mention that Robinhood has yet to make an official statement on these rumors. So stay tuned, and we’ll try to provide one as soon as its published. If it happens, that is.

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