Dogecoin Social Sentiment Turns Bearish And Drops To March Levels, What This Means For Price

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez recently revealed the bearish sentiment surrounding Dogecoin (DOGE). Interestingly, he suggested this might be a good opportunity to invest in the foremost meme coin as things could soon turn bullish.  The Bearish Sentiment Around Dogecoin Martinez mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the market sentiment for Dogecoin is as bearish as it was in early February. Specifically, the crypto analyst was referring to Dogecoin’s social volume and weighted sentiment, which were currently signaling a negative sentiment towards the meme coin.   Related Reading Source: X…

The Promises and Perils of Private Asset Tokenization

Blockchain’s transparent and immutable ledger allows token holders to access real-time information about their investments, fostering greater transparency in traditionally opaque markets. This visibility is a game-changer for monitoring cash flows and performance of credit portfolios, although tokenization does not alter the underlying characteristics of the instruments. Whether on-chain or off-chain, assets’ underlying risks, and the importance of due diligence, remain the same. Source

Ethereum (ETH) Set For ‘Glorious Year,’ Analyst Eyes $10K Target

Ethereum (ETH) saw a significant upswing at the end of May due to the rumors of a spot ETH ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds) approval in the US. This bullish momentum propelled the token’s price from the $3,000 price range to the $3,900 mark. Related Reading After the approval, the second-largest cryptocurrency has shown a strong performance, consolidating between the $3,700 and $3,800 levels. Some crypto analysts believe ETH is preparing for a crucial test and eye bullish targets above the $10,000 price range soon. ETH’s “Glorious Year” Depends On This Level…

VC Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya Explains the $500,000 Bitcoin Case: Countries Will Become Dual Currency

Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder and CEO of Social Capital, a venture capital firm, has explained how bitcoin could reach $500,000 or even higher price levels in the coming months. During a podcast, Chamath clarified that considering the price performance in the previous halving cycles, bitcoin could reach that level pushed by the adoption of countries […] Original

Rootstock Bitcoin L2 eyes further Latin American expansion

Speaking at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, Ricardo Castro of Rootstock Labs highlighted the focus of the Bitcoin layer-2 protocol on providing global acess to decentralized finance (DeFi), particularly in emerging markets.  Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are by far the two largest decentralized networks, each with unique strengths. BTC is rewnowned for its robust security standards, while Ethereum’s blockchain emphasizes functionality and utility through smart contracts.  For years, developers have tried to bridge the two concepts and create a network that can bootstrap decentralized finance solutions atop BTC’s blockchain. Rootstock…