Crypto Analyst Predicts 800% Rally To $6,000 For BNB, Here’s The Timeline

BNB has been one of the best performers coming out of the long and drawn-out bear market of 2022. Even now, the altcoin continues to show a lot of strength, suggesting that its run is far from over. According to one crypto analyst, this expected run for the BNB price could last longer and drive the price higher than expected, predicting an over 800% increase in price from here. BNB Showing Strength On The Monthly Chart A pseudonymous crypt analyst who goes by the moniker Without Worries on the TradingView…

Russia Set to Recognize Bitcoin Mining as Economic Activity

According to Osman Kabaloev, the Deputy Director of the Financial Policy Department at Russia’s Ministry of Finance, the recognition of Bitcoin mining as an official economic activity is set to happen soon. Following the approval of a law regulating cryptocurrency mining, this activity would be assigned an OKVED code, which classifies company activities for licensing […] Original

UwU Lend hacked out of $19.3 million

UwU Lend, a lending and liquidity protocol, has reportedly been targeted by an exploit amounting to $19.3 million.  A malicious hack recently targeted the decentralized lending platform. Reports from the blockchain security firm Arkham indicate that unknown perpetrators stole $19.3 million from the lending protocol. The incident highlights ongoing security vulnerabilities in the DeFi sector, raising concerns about the safety of digital assets on decentralized platforms. The hack The blockchain data indicates that the perpetrator transferred the stolen funds through multiple wallet addresses. According to a crypto user on the…

Market Expert Reveals Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In These 5 Altcoins

Renowned market expert Michael Van de Poppe has recently shared his insights on the current state of the cryptocurrency market, highlighting potential breakout opportunities for altcoins.  As the largest cryptocurrency on the market, Bitcoin (BTC), consolidates in a price range between $67,000 and $70,000, Van de Poppe’s latest market update suggests that this may be the ” final time” to invest in altcoins before a potential breakout.  Altcoins Analysis In a series of social media posts, Van de Poppe analyzes specific altcoins, including Sui (SUI), Chainlink (LINK), Floki Inu (FLOKI),…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tokens RNDR, TAO, AGIX Prices Slump as Apple’s Developer Event Fails to Impress

The decline happened as expectations were high for the tech giant to reveal its AI plans and how it would weave artificial intelligence into its offerings at this week’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2024). The firm on Monday announced Apple Intelligence, a suite of AI features for iPhones, Mac and other products, and a partnership with Sam Altman’s OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into Apple software. Source

Bitcoin Could See Next Top At $89,200, Crypto Analyst Suggests

According to this on-chain indicator, an analyst explained how the next potential local top for Bitcoin could be $89,200. Bitcoin CVDD “Assessing Tops” Metric Could Suggest Next Potential Top In a new post on X, analyst Ali Martinez has talked about where the next top for BTC could be based on the Cumulative Value Days Destroyed (CVDD). The CVDD is an on-chain metric derived from the “Coin Days Destroyed” (CDD). A “coin day” is the quantity that 1 BTC accumulates after sitting dormant on the blockchain for 1 day. When…

Optimism Finally Gets Its Mission-Critical ‘Fault Proofs’

Similar “proof” technology is used by all layer-2 rollup networks, including Optimism competitors like Arbitrum. It’s meant to ensure that a rollup’s users–be they NFT traders, retail investors, or big-name financial institutions–can trust Ethereum’s sprawling operator network, rather than the rollup’s own internal systems, to record their transactions and withdrawals accurately. Source

In Defense of Meme Coins

As Ravi Bakhai, who is building a meme-coin trading platform called Hype, explained, meme coins have essentially become a big, generalized betting market for determining how relevant anything is at any given time. For instance, Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER token literally put a price on her fame, and the rapper’s ability to draw an audience of crypto enthusiasts. Source