Indian Authority Fines Crypto Exchange Binance $2.25 Million for AML Violations

India’s Financial Intelligence Unit has fined crypto exchange Binance $2.25 million (₹18.8 crore) for non-compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. Binance’s return to India is seen as challenging, especially after the government’s tax measures significantly reduced daily trades on some major local crypto exchanges. This fine follows Binance’s global scrutiny and former CEO Changpeng Zhao […] Source

Bitcoin Crash Below $66,000 Stuns Market, Why A Drop To $54,930 Is Possible

The Bitcoin price crash below $66,000 has taken the market by surprise, leading to over $90 million in liquidations in a 24-hour period. But even after dropping so much already, analysts do not believe that the worst is over. In particular, crypto analyst Ali Martinez has said that Bitcoin may still have a ways to go before the crash is over, prediction another 20% decline from here. Bitcoin Falls Below Major Pricing Band Crypto analyst Ali Martinez posted a new analysis on X (formerly Twitter) on the Bitcoin price that…

Winklevoss Twins Say They Each Gave $1 Million to Trump’s U.S. Presidential Campaign

The Winklevoss donations to Trump 47 join similar maxed-out contributions from Jeffrey Sprecher, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, and his wife Kelly Lynn Loeffler, a former U.S. senator and CEO of Bakkt; Joe Ricketts, the founder and former CEO of TD Ameritrade; and Robert Bigelow, who owns Budget Suites of America and founded the now-defunct Bigelow Aerospace. Source

Holograph Begins Process to Remove 1 Billion Illegally Minted Tokens, Burns 53 Million HLG

The recently hacked tokenization platform, Holograph, has unveiled a token-burning process to eliminate one billion illegally minted HLG tokens. The Holograph team stated that this process, which has resulted in the burning of more than 53 million tokens so far, is expected to reduce the total number of tokens in circulation to 10 billion. Holograph […] Source CryptoX Portal

California Judge Breaks With New York Counterpart, Sends Ripple Securities Lawsuit to Trial

“The court declines to find as a matter of law that a reasonable investor would have derived any expectation of profit from general cryptocurrency market trends, as opposed to Ripple’s efforts to facilitate XRP’s use in cross-border payments, among other things,” Hamilton wrote. “Accordingly, the [court] cannot find as a matter of law that Ripple’s conduct would not have led a reasonable investor to have an expectation of profit due to the efforts of others.” Source

Canada’s 3iQ Files to List Solana ETP in Toronto

“Our goal is to continue pushing the envelope and maintaining Canada as an innovation hub. The Solana ETP will have staking enabled, similar to our Ether ETPs, allowing us to pass through the yield to investors,” Christopher Matta, a Strategic Advisor to 3iQ, told CoinDesk in a phone interview. Source

Vitalik Buterin Responds to Criticism on the Institutionalization of the Crypto Space: We’re Still Here

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, answered the criticism regarding the new institutional focus of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Buterin told Joe Weisenthal, co-host of Bloomberg’s financial podcast Odd Lots, that crypto culture “idealistic hippies” were still in the space, and that projects in this regard have moved forward quite a bit, citing Lens and […] Source CryptoX Portal

Bitcoin Miners’ Reserves Deplete Amidst High OTC Selling, What This Means

Recent data from CryptoQuant has highlighted a significant shift in Bitcoin Miners behavior, with miner reserves dropping to their lowest levels since 2010 while over-the-counter (OTC) selling activity has surged to higher levels. What This Means For BTC At the beginning of the year, miner reserves stood at approximately 1.87 million BTC but have yet to grow to about 1.81 million BTC today, a level not seen since 2010. This reserve decline is notable as it indicates a higher propensity for miners to sell off their holdings. Typically, this could…

Volatile Bitcoin Movement Causes $118M in Crypto Liquidations

On Thursday, bitcoin (BTC) peaked at $66,455 per coin around 7 a.m. EDT but dropped to approximately $64,516 by noon. The volatile movements resulted in $118.82 million in liquidations across the crypto economy, with long positions accounting for $61 million of that total. Bitcoin’s Rapid Rise and Fall Triggers Major Liquidations in Crypto Economy Bitcoin […] Original

MicroStrategy Buys Additional 11,930 BTC, Fibonacci Analysis Hints At $160K Bitcoin Price Peak

Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, has regained momentum, bouncing off a weekly low of $64,000 to find support above $65,000, halting last week’s downtrend. This price recovery may be due to another significant investment round by business intelligence company MicroStrategy, led by Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor.  The company announced on Thursday the acquisition of an additional 11,931 BTC valued at approximately $786.0 million, further solidifying its position as a major institutional holder of the digital asset. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Holdings Surge To Nearly $15 Billion MicroStrategy’s Chairman and Co-founder, Michael Saylor,…